Why Is Facebook Login Location Wrong On Desktop Computer

I don't recognize a location in the Where You're Logged In ...

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Learn more about what you can do if you see a location that you don't recognize. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu ...
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Windows 10 location is wrong - Microsoft Community

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My pc has no gps the location is done by IP. I think that the location service works fine but the Cortana app is not working correctly. Edit: After some poking in the location settings I found that your location is stored for some time (like a buffer of sorts), so I cleared my location history and now the maps app is wrong too.
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Why is Facebook getting my location wrong? - Quora

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As others here have mentioned you are somehow attachef to another cell tower, or you have not updated your app, or you have locations setting off. It's best to shut down your cell phone totally. Many people don't do this….and when it boots back up...
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How to Change Your Location on Facebook (with Pictures ...

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Adjust who can see your location. To control who can see your location, first hover the mouse cursor over the privacy icon to the right of your city's name—the icon is either a globe (public), a lock (only you can see it), two overlapping profile heads (only your friends can see it, or friends except acquaintances if one head is dimmer), two overlapping cards (acquaintances), or a gear (custom).
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Facebook 'Where You're Logged In' IP does not match actual ...

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There are quite a few apps that interface with FB. In addition to flat out showing the wrong location for an IP, I suspect FB gets confused and maybe shows your location as the most frequently logged in location rather than most recent or currently active login. I have a calendar app that syncs my FB events to my google calendar on the hour.
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Showing wrong Location in Facebook? Does it mean my ...

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Showing wrong location in Facebook doesn't means your Facebook is used by other user. The reason behind this is low connectivity of GPS system in Ipad doesn't recevice proper feedback , it assumes the location by it last longitude & latitude So not to worry , your account is safe
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Login Alerts and Two-Factor Authentication | Facebook Help ...

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Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu alt + / to open this menu
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How to Set the default location of your PC on Windows 10 ...

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The last location that is sent back is the last building/terminal of your ISP before it reaches you. This could be in another state or even miles away from your correct location. There may be other reasons as well that can lead to the wrong location information. It was possible to set the default location for apps like maps and weather.
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Is Facebook down? Problems, Mar 2021 | Product Reviews

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Social networks don't get much bigger than Facebook with millions connecting every hour through desktop computers, but even more with mobile devices today.
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Facebook - Log In or Sign Up

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Create an account or log into Facebook. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.
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Can't log into Facebook says that my password is wrong ...

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Can't log into Facebook says that my password is wrong [Solved/Closed] Report. ... I got rid of an email address because it was constantly having over four thousand emails and some I questioned why. I had told facebook that but this brain dead person told them I was impersonating myself, I really dislike this person for butting in with a false ...
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Is my wrong location a Windows 10 or Google problem ...

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Firefox (current version) and IE locate me incorrectly, but Edge locates me correctly. Because Edge locates me correctly, Google assures me that this is not a Google problem. I fixed "Use precise location," but even with updating the location, the location is still wrong.
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Facebook Login Error 'Sorry, Something Went Wrong ...

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Launch Facebook and check if the solution works. For Computer: Below, we have listed the steps to clear both cache and cookies for some of the most famous browsers. Be sure to follow the one relevant to your case. For Chrome: Open Chrome on your computer and click on "More button" on the top right. Clicking on the Menu button.
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Find and improve your location's accuracy - Computer ...

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See your current location on the map. On your computer, open Google Maps. In the bottom right, click My location . The blue dot shows where you are. How Maps finds your current location. Maps estimates where you are from sources like your web browser's location information. Give Maps location permission in your browser
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Facebook showing me logged in from different location ...

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I went to go see all the places I was logged in from on facebook and all of a sudden I see myself logged in from somewhere in New Jersey, I don't even live in New Jersey, I live in Indianapolis, how c ... Facebook showing me logged in from different location. ... no this is from my computer, why do you think I posted to the forums for My System ...
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Facebook's Suspicious Login Tracking | Security Generation

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When logging in to Facebook, the site looks up the last location you logged in from (by geolocating the IP address), and compares it to a list of 'known' locations. If the location the user is logging in from is beyond a certain 'distance threshold' from the known locations, the user will be challenged.
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Cannot Access My Facebook Account? Here's the Fixes

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If you can log in Facebook on the computer side, you could reset your password through the step-by-step guide as follow: Step 1: Click the tiny black triangle on the upper right corner of the menu bar and select Settings. Step 2: Click Security and Login. Step 3: Click Edit next to Change Password.
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[4 Ways] How to Find Someone's Location on Facebook

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Way 1: With Facebook Location History. The Facebook location history is easily traceable with the help of the user data collected by the social media website. Here's how to track Facebook user location: Step 1: Go to "facebook.com" and log in to the Facebook account. Then click on the drop-down arrow at the top right corner of the Facebook page.
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Solved: Unable to login with correct Facebook credentials ...

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I just uninstalled the desktop app because it had suddenly failed to start properyl - to save space I thought I'd use the web player. Clicking the facebook login button makes three dots (ellipses) appear and they start cycling like it's doing something but it never does. Clearly I can log in with facebook to this forum - it's just the web player.
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How to log out of Facebook on any devices you're logged ...

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Access the Security and Login page. The first section is called "Where You're Logged In" and, by default, only lists the two devices used most recently to access your Facebook account. The current session is displayed at the top with the Active now status. Click or tap on See More to reveal a list of all the devices currently logged into your Facebook account.
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Detailed Guides to Create a Tiremaker Account

Detailed Guides to Create a Tiremaker Account

Who doesn't like to categorize, right? We all do. It makes our work easier to put things in groups to use for future use. Allowing titles to things gives a sense of peace to humans. Grouping things can help you use that division as a source of data to use that for future reference and decision making. To create such lists, you need to have an App or software that can help you grade/rank stuff in order. And can be used for future reference. But where to find such Apps will help you set and rank your favorites based on their own choices. Well, there is an answer to that. Tiermaker! Tiermaker is a ranking system where you can rank anything in tiers from good to bad. So by using a tier list, you can group similar ranked items. Tier lists can be created in a very quick, easy, and efficient way. With Tiermaker, you can create your own template of your own choice endlessly. Once you have an account, you are presented with various templates, and you can create your own list with the options available. So what does it take to create an account at Tiermaker? Well, all it takes is your Twitter account. Tiermaker, like most websites, takes a similar route of using your social media to spread awareness. So all it needs to create an account in Tiermaker is your Twitter account. That is why people would want to create Detailed Guides to Create a Tiermaker Account. A Detailed Guides to Create a Tiermaker Account Here is a step by step detail ofhow to create a Tiermaker account: So to signup for Tiermaker, visit https://tiermaker.com/. On the right-upper corner of the screen, you'll find an option with 'Login'. Click on it. You'll be led to a page with an option to 'Login through Twitter'. There will be a warning given below that says, 'By creating an account, you will automatically follow @TierMaker on Twitter. You are free to unfollow us if you don't want amazing content. TierMaker.com uses cookies. You may read more about our policy here.' Click on the option of 'Login through Twitter', and just like that, you have an account on Tiermaker. As mentioned above in the warning, after creating an account on Tiermaker, you automatically, but you can unfollow them later on without your ID being deleted. But according to the website, the decision of whether to unfollow them lies with you as you'll be missing out on great content. Tiermaker's mission statementis to 'help you rank everything you love in tiers'. So here are few tips that can teach youhow to create the best of Templates with Tiermakerswithout getting flagged or hidden. Try to keep your titles broad and generic: Try to keep the title of the template just in a common offhand sort of way rather than going personal and creating topics such as a character of series without being personal like adding words such as 'my', 'favorite', 'best', 'personal', etc. in the title for a template is not just for you, unlike a list which is. The website automatically incorporates templates or lists with titles such as 'tier list' or 'template'; therefore, it's better to generically describe the image set. Don't create an already existing template: It's useless to create templates that are already there. Exactly copying the same things can get your list hidden because of the repetitions. It's also better to create templates that a bigger audience can use. Hide your bad templates: If any of your templates are bad or not up to the expectations, it's better to hide that template. By doing that, you help keep the user experience clean for users across the website. Create text labels that don't offend anyone: Although you're free to use any language, it's better to use language that doesn't offend anyone or makes them uncomfortable. Alternatives to Tiermaker People are always looking for options for various things. So for all those who are looking for alternatives on Tiermaker, well here arefive different alternatives of Tiermaker: Google Similar Pages: It is an extension of Google for Google Chrome users. An alternative to Tiermaker Google Similar Pages is a great way to explore other pages or websites that users are currently on. The extension is used to find similar web pages of these websites currently visited by users. SitesLike.com: SitesLike provides alternatives to websites. For example, On searching for websites like YouTube, you'll get an endless list of YouTube alternatives. Sites like alternatives to any news website, social website, video streaming website, entertainment website, or any movie website, without any restrictions and limitations. TopSitesLike.com: It is a web-based platform that provides the full description to get satisfied that they are getting the perfect alternatives and options only. TopSitesLike takes up a lot of considerations before offering the best information in the best way possible. Ranker: Ranker is a topmost digital media company that works on opinion-based, crowdsourced rankings on almost everything. RankedByVotes: Ranked By Votes gets the best entertainment lists such as movies, TV series, anime, and more. Each list is sorted by popularity and is selected based on votes.

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Ways to Customize the Login Screen on Your Mac

Ways to Customize the Login Screen on Your Mac

Here's how to customize your Mac's login screen with power options, password prompts, custom messages, and more. On your Mac, you've probably customized the menu bar, dock, and other elements. But did you know that macOS also lets you customize the login screen to your liking? For added security, you may require both a username and a password when you log in. Perhaps you often forget your password and want to display a prompt. Do you have a favorite quote that you love to read first thing in the morning? You can also include it on your login screen. We will show you how to change the login screen on Mac in this article. Change the look of your Mac's login screen Most of the settings for the login screen can be found in your System Preferences. You can use these settings to enable automatic login, display a list of users, display control buttons, enable VoiceOver, and more. To get started, from the menu bar go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Users & Groups. You may need to unlock User & Groups preferences before making changes to the login screen. If so, click the lock icon in the lower-left corner of the window, enter your password when prompted, and then click Unlock. Now, at the bottom of the left pane, click on Login Options. Choose one of the following options to use on the login screen on the right side of the resulting page. Mac Login Screen Settings Automatic Login: Instead of having to enter your credentials every time you start your Mac, this feature allows you to go straight to the desktop. To enable automatic login, turn it on and enter the user's account name and password. This is convenient if only you use your Mac and keep it in a safe place. If FileVault is enabled, automatic login is disabled by default. See our FileVault guide for more information on this feature. You have the option of displaying the login window as: a list of users or name and password. The first allows you to choose your username before entering your password, while the latter requires both. Choose Name and Password if you are concerned about security, as this requires you to know both the username and password. Show buttons for Sleep, Restart, and Shut Down: If you check this box, these controls will appear on the login screen. In the login window, show Input Menu: When Input Menu is enabled, the user can choose which language to use on the Mac before logging in. In. This is useful if you frequently switch between languages ​​or keyboard formats. You can enable the display of password prompts when you click the question mark or enter the wrong password three times in a row. Click a user on the left and choose a password to add or change a password hint. Then choose Change Password from the drop-down menu. Replace your old password with the new one. Then, at the bottom, type your password hint and click Change Password. Password prompt for Mac login screen Show a quick user switching menu like this: This option allows you to quickly switch between users from the Mac menu bar. Full names, account names or an icon can all be displayed. To prevent further changes, click the Lock button once again after making your selection. On the login screen, enable the Accessibility option. On the login screen, you can use VoiceOver, Zoom, Sticky Keys, and other accessibility features. Check the boxes for the items you want to display after you click the Accessibility Options button. Accessibility Options for the Mac Login Screen When you enable any of these accessibility features, your options will apply to all users on the system. Sign-in page When a feature is turned off, it is turned off for all users on the screen. Customize the login screen with a message On the login screen, you can add a custom message. For example, you might want to start your day with your favorite motivational quote. Optionally, you can include your contact information so that an honest person who finds your Mac can contact you and return it. To add a message to your login screen, go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy from the menu bar. To make this change, click the Lock button and enter your password if necessary. So just follow these easy steps: Toggle on the General tab. Select Show message when the screen is locked from the Show message when the screen is locked drop-down menu, and then select Set Lock Message. In the pop-up dialog box, type the message you want to appear on the login screen, then click OK. Messages on Mac Login Screen Your message will appear at the bottom of the login screen the next time you lock your screen or turn on your Mac. Change Your Profile Picture User profile pictures appear above the names if you access the login screen with the list of users mentioned earlier. You can easily change your profile picture if you want. Change your profile picture by going to Apple menu > System Preferences > Users & Groups. Then, to change your image, do the following: Choose your user profile from the menu on the left. When the profile picture appears, hover your cursor over it and click Edit. Choose the location of the image you want to use in the pop-up window, or choose Camera to take a photo with your Mac's camera. Use the zoom slider to adjust the photo if desired. Save the file. Change your Mac's profile photo

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Log in or Log on: What’s the Difference?

Log in or Log on: What’s the Difference?

Login, log-on, and sign-in are the terms used to access any operating system and website by using an authenticated or username and password. Some people believe that each and every one of these phrases has the same meaning. They are somewhat accurate due to the fact that there appears to be no involving these. However, if you relocate, When it comes to the thickness of each phrase, there may be several variations. Despite the fact that they are minor and modest, they have a number of characteristics that set them apart from one another. What is Login? Login is a security team in which you enter appropriately directly into a restricted internet site by displaying your currently documented password and username. Many websites, including Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, and various social and search websites, make it mandatory for sponsors to have an account and fully log into this account in order to gain access. the financial statements Most of the time, it's a form of cross-platform. The vast majority of login accounts are generated from registered Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo mail accounts. While you can probably change your accounts to a different person, accessing the accounts with these two User-Names is not possible. What is Logon? Log-on is a time interval that is commonly used for Windows Operating System and Database administration devices accounts. When a computer or notebook computer is password-protected, it is not necessary to have a password entered into the platform. In contrast, to log in, a username is only required in log-on when one's administrator name is considered. It is used as a username and is pre-written to Rename screen display. All you'll need is a valid password that you've saved. The advantage of all log-on is that you can make a lot of buyers for the exact same working technique and they will all be similar in working technique. Key Differences Login is completely associated with websites as well as online accounts. While multiplying is used for existing Windows operating systems. There is no need for a User-Name in log-on because one's administrator name can be used robotically as a User-Name i-d, whereas there is a need for a specific individual i-d or name in the event of login. The majority of the usernames or IDs in login are all found largely entirely on existing Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo mail accounts, as you do not need to own all those reports such as Pairing. A username and a different password are required to login into a website or installation. Even though you are not required to enter your password completely during log-in. The same username or ID cannot be obtained across multiple sites. You are not permitted to create an ID in the name of an already existing username or ID. While there is no such thing because of such a variable for a log-on limitation. When compared to tens of thousands of thousands and tens of thousands of working techniques, my machine's special person name is nimble Center. the same administrator or special person's name Hacking log-on accounts are easier than hacking login accounts because all you need is a password. Despite the fact that in login, you are most likely required to have every password and username. When compared to log-on, the account security system in login is more durable and first-rate. Nowadays, there are a lot of websites. makes it mandatory that you use a password that is based on the reduced instance and/or increased instance correspondence as well as a numerical secret. While multiplying does not always result in the same result. This is significant because you can protect your own accounts in a variety of ways. A single word from a dictionary or digit is more than enough to create a password. However, if a login is required, a password of at least 6 to 8 letters must be generated. Login refers to the credentials needed to gain access, whereas log-on refers to the process of visiting or accessing a computer, database, or system. Log on is typically used for systems that do not require user credentials. However, in operating systems such as Windows, log-on refers to the act of gaining access through the use of a username and password. The majority of work in the modern era is done on computers, particularly on the internet. User credentials are thus critical in terms of security as well as providing personalized personal functionality in terms of access. Many people mix up terms like a log on, log in, login, and so on. As a result, it is necessary to highlight the differences between them. Login refers to the activity of gaining access to various websites as well as creating an account. It identifies and authenticates the user based on the credentials that the user provides. A login typically necessitates the use of a user name and a password. It may also necessitate the use of an e-mail address or a password. Passwords are important and should be kept private. For example:When you sign up for the first time on Facebook, you create an account. Once you've created your account, the next time you visit the website, all you have to do is click the Login button and enter the same credentials you used to sign up.

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WHAT TO DO to Keep Your Password Safe Even If Your Phone Is Stolen

WHAT TO DO to Keep Your Password Safe Even If Your Phone Is Stolen

The data on your phone was encrypted, and the SIM card was PIN-protected when it went lost. Then: Mark the phone as lost with the Find My Device (Android) or Find My (iOS) feature, and the device will display an on-screen message with the phone number of a friend or relative who can contact you if someone honest discovers it. After you've waited as long as you feel comfortable with the first step, remotely erase all data on the device and call your operator to have the SIM card blocked. Purchase a new smartphone and restore your data from a previous backup. After the theft, we recommend that you remain watchful. Thieves frequently make use of that information, particularly in the case of credit cards. take advantage of the contact information, especially on more expensive devices, and employ social engineering to persuade the owner of the stolen device to give their Google or Apple ID account password. If they are successful, they will be able to unlink the device from the account and sell the phone in its entirety rather than disassembling it and selling the pieces. In short, be suspicious of any texts or phone calls relating to a stolen phone, and never enter or divulge your Google account or Apple ID credentials. Worst-case scenario Time is of the essence of the smartphone falls into the wrong hands and isn't protected, potentially even by a screen lock. The first thing you'll need is a second phone to make several phone calls from. Request the use of a phone from a business or restaurant employee, or hail a cab and take the driver's phone. Block your SIM card Your initial call should be to your service provider. Tell the customer service representative that you've misplaced your SIM card and that you'd like it blocked. The thief will be unable to impersonate you once the SIM card has been disabled (call from your number or receive a text message with a verification code for changing a password or confirming a transaction, for example). Notify family and friends. Your second call should be to a family member or a friend. Explain that your phone was stolen, and ask them to notify any mutual connections who may get calls or texts from your number requesting money or asking inquiries, which they should ignore. You might wish to request that they issue a social media warning. if you have a large number of pals there. Block smartphone To ban your stolen smartphone, you'll need Internet connectivity. Do so on a secure device if at all possible; you'll be inputting your password. To begin, go to your Google or Apple ID account and log in. It may be difficult to log in from someone else's smartphone if you have two-factor authentication enabled. Your phone is obviously gone, therefore you can't obtain a verification text or use a mobile authenticator app. Android users can update their passwords without having to send a text message. If this is the case, enter one of the backup codes you were given when you set up two-factor authentication. iPhone users can regain account access by following the steps below. receiving a verification code by text message to a trusted phone number or device Here's what to do once you've logged into your Google or Apple ID account: Find your missing smartphone in the device list under Security (for Android phones) or the Find My iPhone app (for iPhones) and search for it in the device list. Make a note of where the smartphone is on the map. The location icon should appear if the phone is turned on and geolocation is enabled. Even if the thief's path is obvious, do not try to catch up with them. Rather, seek assistance from the police. Select the Lost Mode option. The system will prompt you to enter a lock screen message as well as a backup phone number. That message will now be the only thing displayed on your smartphone. The finder will be able to contact you if the phone was merely lost and not stolen. Keep an eye out for phishing emails and phone calls; thieves may masquerade as help representatives and contact you in an attempt to obtain your account password. If your device contains essential and sensitive information, consider wiping it remotely. Keep in mind, though, that this selection is final — and it also means giving up the ability to track the phone remotely. Unlink bank cards Apple or Google may recommend unlinking any linked cards when you block your smartphone with Find My or Find My Device, but if it doesn't, unlink bank cards from your device directly in the account settings. You don't need to disable the cards unless they were taken along with the phone. For Android smartphones, follow these steps: Sign in to your Google account; click Payment settings from the Payments & subscriptions area; and then remove your cards. For iPhone users: Sign in to your Apple ID account; locate the missing iPhone in the Devices section and click Remove all cards. The IMEI number of the smartphone should be blocked. In some countries, you can add a stolen phone's identifying number (IMEI) to the carrier's blocklist in addition to the SIM card. You must provide this number to the courier in order to do so. The number can be found on the box in which the phone was delivered if you have it. You may find the IMEI on Android by using the Find your phone feature: The IMEI code will appear when you click on the circular I next to the image of your phone. By entering in using the Apple ID used on the stolen device, scrolling down to Devices, then choosing the iPhone to discover its IMEI, iPhone users can find theirs at appleid.apple.com.

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Tips to Change Your Disney Plus Account Email and Password

Tips to Change Your Disney Plus Account Email and Password

The VOD service contains all 30 seasons of The Simpsons, as well as movies and shows from Disney's other brands, such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. Unfortunately, according to ZDNet, thousands of accounts have been hacked and the information sold on hacking sites. Keylogger malware, code-breaking software attacks, and email phishing scams appear to have been used to steal account credentials. Disney needs to create a multi-factor authentication mechanism to avoid situations like this. However, until that extra layer of security is available, the business advises users to take the following steps. Use different passwords for your streaming service account. This is self-evident. The only way to tell whether your account has been hacked is if you can no longer access it. However, if you suspect it has been hacked or just want to be safe, change your email and password. Change your Disney+ password or email address To get started, open the Disney+ app and tap the Profile button, then Account. C You can then change your password or email address in the Account Details section. It's worth noting that if you've been hacked, you'll need to change both. You can update your email and/or password by logging into your Disney+ account online. If you are unable to access your account, please contact Disney Plus online or call (888) 905-7888 for assistance. Check the email address you provided when you signed up, the date you signed up, and the payment method you used. First and foremost, there is security. With occurrences like this, now is a good moment to remind everyone about the importance of online data security. Always use secure passwords and don't repeat them across many sites. Use a secure password manager like LastPass or 1Password to make this easy. Also, educate yourself and others about the dangers of email phishing schemes. Also, on any site or service that offers it, always utilize two-factor authentication (2FA). Bugs are still being worked out. It's very early in the service's development, so there are still some problems to iron out. Specifically, when it comes to account security. Other issues exist in addition to the installation of 2FA. The Parental Controls function, for example, does not necessitate account-specific security. With a single tap, a child can switch to their parent's account. However, as the program matures and the firm hears more user feedback, Disney Plus will certainly improve.Get Disney+ now. The service supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10 at resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. It also supports Dolby Surround Sound when it's available. Atmospheric sound. It costs $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. For $13.99/month, you can get the Disney Plus package, which includes Hulu (With Ads) and ESPN+. You can also get a $19.99/month bundle that includes Disney Plus, Hulu (No Ads), and ESPN+. Check out our early review of Disney Plus to learn more about what's included in the program and what to expect. Early Disney Plus Review: The Disney Vault and More Over ten million people have already signed up for Disney Plus, the long-awaited subscription video-on-demand streaming service that was first tested in the Netherlands and is now available in the United States. After a few days of enjoying it, I've arrived at the following not-so-surprising conclusion: Netflix and other streaming services may soon have a serious rodent problem, albeit this hasn't yet occurred. The Disney Vault is very amazing. We've known for decades that Disney enjoys putting content, particularly its successful family films, into the so-called Disney vault. Disney Plus is that lockbox, which you can now access from numerous devices at any time. If you have a family with young children, Disney Plus is a no-brainer because it has everything. Content from Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Pixar is accessible to view and download for $6.99 per month (or $12.99 per month if Hulu and ESPN+ are included). Adults and older children can choose from a variety of possibilities. National Geographic, as well as Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios, have contributed content. From the Star Wars films to The Simpsons and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the list goes on and on. Although some of the newer content is missing at launch, the majority of it is available. Important New Content The video content described above, however, will remain steady for the foreseeable future, with the exception of the rare new film release. Because of this, Disney Plus's other content will influence how popular the service becomes in the long run. Disney Plus wants to make an impact with original scripted and unscripted entertainment in addition to its core content. This includes “The Mandalorian,” an expensive Star Wars-based series that has already received positive reviews, a live-action adaptation of The Lady and the Tramp, and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” an upcoming Marvel picture. Series based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney Plus will also host an expanding amount of additional Disney-owned family-oriented material, such as films from 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, and Touchstone Pictures, as well as Hollywood Pictures and Touchstone Pictures. The site will also feature non-Disney material, such as CBS Television Studios' "The Diary of a Female President." It's worth noting that Disney's purchase of Fox implies that 30 seasons of "The Simpsons" are also available. Disney Plus isn't only about Dumbo and the princesses.

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