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How to Recover / Forget Roadrunner Email Password ...

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This will recover the password of Roadrunner Email and lets the user take advantages of the services offered by the Roadrunner Email Support team. Sometimes the user is unable. How Roadrunner Helpline Number will help in Password Recovery?
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Roadrunnerhelpline: How to Change a Roadrunner Email Password

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Roadrunner Forgotten Password Recovery Steps : In case you've clicked an email address then it gives a brand new box called an Email retrieval username instrument. So just enter your Telephone...
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Confirm your identity - RoadRunner

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To get started with a password reset, please verify the email address and MAC address associated with your account. Email Address. MAC Address How to find your MAC Address. Cancel. Continue. If you're a customer with a disability, please contact us if you need assistance. Manage Account.
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How to Reset Roadrunner Email Password | by howtorecovery ...

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Steps to reset your Roadrunner email password for the first time. Step 1. Enter https://pt.rr.com/ in the URL bar of your search engine and press enter. Step 2.
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How to reset a Roadrunner password - Quora

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If you forget or lost your Roadrunner email password then follow these steps and reset your password- Go to the official webpage of the roadrunner email for the Time Warner login. Enter the username for the TWC email login. You could locate easily the option of I do not remember my password below the sign-in option.
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Recover Roadrunner Account | Reset Roadrunner Email Password

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Roadrunner Email Password Recovering the Roadrunner password or the forgott e n Roadrunner password is something that we can also recover the email address that we provide.
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How to Recover / Forget Roadrunner Email Password 1888 ...

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Forgetting password is the most common issue encountered by the users. the password can be successfully recovered by just following a few steps. This will recover the password of Roadrunner Email and lets the user take advantages of the services offered by the Roadrunner Email Password Recovery team.
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Log In - Webmail

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© 2019 Charter Communications. All rights reserved; Advertise with Us; Your Privacy Rights; Web Privacy Policy; California Consumer Privacy Rights; California ...
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Simple easy steps for Roadrunner Password Reset

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Roadrunner email can be checked through the Time Warner site, or the record can be connected to an email program, for example, Microsoft Outlook. How to change roadrunner email password, you should sign in to your record through the Time Warner site. Interface with us for settling this issue. Stage 1 Access Roadrunner's Password Reset Tool by ...
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Accueil - Recover Roadrunner Email Password

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To Recover Roadrunner Email Password of Roadrunner Email is a straightforward task. Sometimes we ignored our present password due to never again familiar with it, or it might be a direct result of account been hacked. So to decide these mix-ups, the support structure is made where we can find a section to our answer.
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Roadrunner Email Login- Sign into TWC Email- RR.com Webmail

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Step 4: Now, you need to follow the on-screen instructions for creating a new username and password for your roadrunner email account and use them later to login to your TWC RR email account. Step 5: To ensure the security of your email account, you can add recovery information such as mobile number and secondary email address.
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Roadrunner Technical Support 1(833)836-0944 Customer Service

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Select Reset Password. 10. Generate a new password. ... Issue in resetting your password. Roadrunner Email service assures you with the fastest problem resolving in just a few minutes with the help of a trained and qualified technical support team. Addressing the customer's concerns is the chief motive of the Roadrunner's technical team.
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How to Recover Roadrunner Email Password? by Stacy Kelly ...

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Effective Steps to Recover Roadrunner Email Password Follow the below given instructions carefully if you eagerly want to recover the lost password. Hence, stop wandering or divert your mind, just ...
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Password Recovery | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel ...

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Password Recovery To reset your password, type the full email address you use to sign in to your RoadRUNNER account. You will receive a temporary password so you can log into your account.
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Reset password roadrunner email

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Forgot Roadrunner Email Password It is normal to fail to remember your Roadrunner email address in the event that you need to recall numerous passwords for another record. Thinking about the security of your data, you can generally utilize a secret key that is hard for your record.
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How do I recover or reset my email password? | Support ...

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Enter your email address and password in the Online Account Options screen and click Login. Once you are logged in, click the link Change User Names, Passwords, & Email accounts. Click on the I forgot my password link, and follow the instructions.
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How to Fix Roadrunner Email Login Errors? | [Updated ...

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Roadrunner Email Password lost or forgot. 4. Incompatible web browser. Without stressing much on the reasons- let's get each of them fixed one-by-one.. Note: It would be better if you're aware ...
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How to Fix Roadrunner Email Problems? - NVR

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I forgot my email and its password this needs to be changed. I am unable to receive and send emails using this email service. I would like to set up additional email accounts using the roadrunner email service. I am denied access to this email service again and again what are the measures to resolve the same. Change password for Roadrunner email:
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How To Recover Forgot Roadrunner Email Password Online

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How To Recover Forgot Roadrunner Email Password OnlineDial our numbers and lets us help you with all the additional steps in order to fix your account problem in different ways. If you've Forgot Roadrunner Password
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How to Use the New Roblox Quick Login Feature You May Not Know

How to Use the New Roblox Quick Login Feature You May Not Know

Roblox has released a unique feature on its Login procedure. Now, you can opt for the Quick Login Feature while login in. It will help you log in to new devices very easily and increase the opportunity for scammers to get into other people's accounts. This guide contains everything you need to know about the new great Roblox Quick Login Feature, including Roblox Quick Login Feature and How to Use the New Roblox Quick Login Feature You May Not Know. The new Roblox quick login feature is essentially handy, especially when you want to get into the platform very easily without entering your password or username. In this article, we are going to teach you how to use it. Roblox Quick Login Feature: Roblox is an enormously multiplayer game creation platform that brings together more than 150 million active gamers monthly. In these states, over 6 million collaborated to create games to get on the platform in one way or the other. It is the site's biggest eccentricity as it lets the players develop their virtual world in which the global community can also interact. As a full-blown sandbox, activities like searching the scenarios, collecting various resources, fighting, constructing, etc., can be done without hassle. You can even customize your avatar by using different elements. The new login feature will be shortly available for use. So, what it does is it will create a code on the screen of an unknown device, and that code requires to be input on your logged-in device. If you need to access the account on that device. So, it will help you remove all the hassle of entering your login details every time you log in to a new device. Way to Use Roblox Quick Login Feature: As the largest virtual universe online, Roblox is exactly one of a kind. It is an unbelievable beast with no competition, and if you happen to come across the platform for the first time, you will find it "overwhelmingly" incredible. While still waiting for the "Voice Chat" feature, Roblox has introduced a new feature called Quick Login, and as someone looking to play on a new device, you would find it captivating. Of course, if you want to use the new Roblox Quick Login feature, the first prerequisites are to have two devices on hand. The first one is your primary device which, in this case, we are imagining has an already existing Roblox account logged in, and the second is your secondary device which you are setting out to login with for the first time. Now, on your first device, fire up Roblox and go into Account Settings by tapping on the gear icon at the right top corner of the screen. From here, tap on the Quick Login option and then paste the code into the given box. Once this is done, tap the Enter button followed by Confirm, and you should be good to go. Now, on your secondary device, you have to open the Roblox Login page with your web browser's help and then tap on the Quick login button above Facebook. It will produce a one-time use code. Just copy that code to your clipboard. Now again, go back to your secondary device, and you might get a message asking you to enter the two-step verification code sent to your email. It should found in the email address you used to open the Roblox account on your first device. So go ahead and enter it, and you will be logged in immediately. Does Roblox Quick Login Feature Make Any Difference? Logging into a new device with your Roblox account has always been inconvenient, especially when you do not remember the account credentials. Luckily with the help of a new quick login feature, you can quickly sign into another device without having to enter your username or password. It will make a big difference as it limits the hassles of entering your account details. But earlier to get into the how-to thing, it is suitable for you to know, the new Roblox Quick Login feature has not been released to everyone right now. You would hardly see it on the Roblox app for iOS, Android, and Xbox One, but it is gladly available in the new web browser of the abovementioned operating systems. Final Words: Quick login to your Roblox account with the help of the above guide means having access to the Roblox account and inventory. While this feature saves time, we wish you only to enter the codes you requested and never enter another user's code. Overall, the Roblox Quick Login feature is extremely handy, especially when you are looking to log in to a new device without entering your password, email, or username.

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9 Android Login Screen Design Examples To Copy Now

9 Android Login Screen Design Examples To Copy Now

You want your users to fall in love at first sight, do you? Your users should feel welcome within the first few minutes of using your app. The login screen that appears when your users first want to use your app is an important part of the onboarding process. These screens should be straightforward and easy to understand. People can leave your app when they need to fill out a form. When they have a lot of information or are unsure what information is being requested. However, what is the best way to make such a screen? To find out, I compiled a list of 9 different Android login screen designs. What parts do they know how to do well, and what parts do they need to work on? LinkedIn LinkedIn is a social networking site where you can share your professional experiences and connect with other professionals in your field. LinkedIn's minimalist design earns it a lot of brownie points. It's about the most minimalist thing you can do. However, due to this type of design, you will not be able to recognize the app properly. Although LinkedIn's brand colors are used, it's hard to tell if this is a LinkedIn login screen at first glance. Especially for new users who are unfamiliar with LinkedIn's color scheme. A small, famous LinkedIn logo will keep the design intact while assuring users that they know what they are doing. Facebook Let's continue this list with an example of login screen design of the most downloaded Android app: Facebook. Facebook tries to direct the user to the app's goal at the top of the screen: connecting with friends through likes, comments, and sharing. It reminds the user why they downloaded the app in the first place. Busy Top, on the other hand, can divert the user's attention from the main goal of the screen: to log the user in. The login form is straightforward and easy to use. To access the app, you can either sign in with your email and password or create a new account. Airbnb Airbnb is familiar to anyone looking to rent an apartment or earn extra money by renting their own. The first login screen is designed with new users in mind. AirBnB offers two options: keep your Facebook account or create a new one. If you want to log in with your existing account you have to see the login button in the top right corner. The design is simple and easy to recognize. The signing up process is simple, clear and free of distractions, especially for new users. Twitter Twitter allows you to interact with others through tweets, retweets, comments and likes. Twitter is a master of simplicity. If you don't have an account, it's easy to find out how to get started. If you just want to log in you have to find it. Twitter doesn't allow users to log in using third-party services like Facebook, making it "hard" for customers to sign up. The fewer clicks you have, the better. Signing up with an account that already contains all of your personal information is a fast and easy option for your user. Amazon This e-commerce company is probably familiar to you. The benefits of Amazon over the login screen are immediately apparent, making it a classic example of login screen design. Before presenting its three options, Amazon shows you the benefits of signing in to your personal account: Sign in, create an account, or skip the sign-in. The logo, as well as the use of color in the design, helps to identify the brand. The amount of text on this screen is a disadvantage, especially when compared to some of the other screens we've seen. If you are building your own login screen, try to keep the text to a minimum and make it as clear as possible. eBay Take a look at eBay, another e-commerce giant. Sign-up options are located at the bottom of the page. Users can quickly figure out what will work best for them. This is an important advantage of the minimalistic design. What could be better: There's no sign of eBay when you first open the app. The app has lost its popularity. The white space feels empty, and the voice has a robotic tone. Dropbox For those who are unfamiliar with Dropbox, it is an online web storage service that allows you to share your documents with others and access the Internet from anywhere. Dropbox's login screen is designed similar to that of Facebook. Dropbox explains the main benefits to its users by alternating three different frames. The lines are not long. And straightforward, with a small illustration to catch the customer's eye. The user is directed to the next step by different buttons. Uber It is clear that you are using Uber now. About two-thirds of the screen is taken up by name and color blocks. This may be distracting from allowing users to sign up, but it improves brand recognition. As you can see, there are only two ways to sign up for Uber: your phone number or one of your social media accounts (Google or Facebook). By highlighting the option, it's clear that Uber wants you to enter your phone number. Pinterest Pinterest is one such tool that can help you come up with new ideas. It shows you pictures of styles or ideas that might interest you and allows you to save them. Their login screen design is instantly recognizable, having a logo in the middle. In addition, the pictures at the top of the page give you the same feeling as using Actual App: You scroll through photos and find the styles and concepts that appeal to you. There's a lot going on, so the design isn't minimalist, but it doesn't feel overcrowded or like it's screaming at you. The avenues available to you are also very clear. Three options for how to proceed are presented in a variety of colors with clear, concise explanations. >>>Reference:8 Of The Best Login Screen Examples

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Protecting Your Login Data at Online Casinos

Protecting Your Login Data at Online Casinos

Staying safe is one of the biggest aspects of playing at an online casino. This can be covered in several ways, but obviously, the most important thing is to keep your data safe – primarily your login data. We’re going to go over the most important ways that online casinos do this on your behalf. Encryption If you’re playing at ahigh-quality online casino, you’ll notice the SSL certification that’s in place. This is a vital component when it comes to keeping your data safe and protecting your login information. SSL certification creates encryption for all data that the site provides for both incoming and outgoing traffic. So, when you connect to the site, any outside sources will be unable to access the raw data you provide. If anyone can get hold of your data, it will be completely unusable. This encryption is a vital starting point when it comes to keeping your login information safe. Firstly, it keeps the actual information encrypted, and any hackers will not be able to use it to get into your account easily. This is obviously the most important aspect of encryption because if your login details were revealed, it would be straightforward to get access to your account. Secondly, it makes sure that any other details cannot be read either. For example, keeping your personal information secure limits the opportunity for hackers to guess your passwords. While it’s obviously not recommended, some people will use personal information when creating passwords. If a hacker has access to your personal information, it will therefore make it much easier for them to crack the password Most online casinos will also store customer data in an encrypted database, which means that your data will be unusable if there is a data breach. By using encryption across several aspects of its site, an online casino can protect your customer information and ensure that your login information is kept secure. Creating login data Another way that online casinos ensure that login data is secure is through its creation. While it might seem inconsequential at the time, most online casinos will require you to create a unique username when you sign up, which instantly adds an extra layer of security. It’s beneficial to create a completely unique and seemingly random username in order to make it more difficult for unwanted third parties to access your account. Once you have done this, you will be taken to the password creation section. It’s here where the online casino will really attempt to keep your login details safe. For the password, you will have to enter a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. Depending on the site you play at, you will have to mix these up with some specific characters. Most sites will require the use of both capital and lowercase letters, at least one number and at least one symbol, instantly making it more difficult for your password to be cracked. By requiring you to mix up your password slightly, it means that there is a significantly higher number of possible combinations, so even if the hacker knows your personal information, it will be much harder for them to guess your password. If you have mixed it up with a number of different characters, then the combinations increase exponentially. Most online casinos will insist on this form of password creation as it makes keeping the site safe much more manageable. Sites that don’t do this can often be exposed as having security leaks. This should be a big aspect that you take on board when choosing an online casino to play at. Captchas Captchas are often annoying and can often be difficult to carry out. Even though some captchas have been made a little bit easier, or at least not as annoying, they are still vital when it comes to protecting your login data. Having to complete a captcha after every login attempt makes it more difficult for bots to crack passwords. While there are some bots out there that are now able to complete simple captchas, they are few and far between. On top of this, captchas are becoming more complex without making them harder for users to complete. For example, some captchas require users to type in a full sentence, but the sentence moves across the screen and changes colour. This is incredibly difficult for bots to track but is a relatively easy activity for humans to complete. With a captcha in place, your login details are kept just that little bit safer. It’s well worth the extra 10 seconds it takes to log in when you want to use the site. Two-factor authentication Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways for online casino sites to keep your login information safe. Two-factor authentication makes sure that if anyone tries to log into your account, you will have to confirm it personally before it can take place. When a login is attempted, an email or SMS will be sent to you with a code. This code can then be entered to allow access to the site. Choosing SMS as your option is usually the best bet as it’s less likely to be compromised than your email address. As most casino sites require an email address to sign up, hackers may get access to your email address first. With SMS authentication in place, they would need to have access to your cell phone, which is significantly harder to do. If you use this for your login, then it’s very unlikely that your account will be compromised.

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Login Screen [Tips and Ideas for Testing]

Login Screen [Tips and Ideas for Testing]

Because it offers access to a whole website or programme, the login procedure is the most critical feature of any system/application. You'll learn a lot about login testing from this post. When a user logs into an online or mobile application, they are presented with a login screen, which needs them to provide a username and password. Because it allows access to a complete website or programme, the login procedure is the most important aspect of any system/application. As a result, the login screen must be thoroughly tested. You can use the guidelines below to test your logins. UI/UX: It is important to check the order in which the tab key is used. The pointer should be at the username field when you land on the website. Entrée: Verify if Login button is active when entering. All fields on your page should be clearly defined and labelled. Examine the page's appearance and alignment. Check the page's content to see if it's up to par. Exist any spelling or grammatical errors on the screen? Current links - Verify that any existing links on the page are still valid. Check the login screen's responsiveness in different sizes. Security Checks: A password is either visible or concealed (using asterisks) Try copying and pasting a password from another application. Password - Check to see if the password has a minimum level of difficulty Make sure there is a "Show password" option available. If so, check to see if it's working properly. Find out if the login screen searches for the most common passwords (CommonPasswordsList) Source – Check the application's source code to see whether any useful information has been divulged. It's possible that the login page could be vulnerable to SQL injection. If you can view the other pages of the application without signing in, this is a good indicator that you can. Editing URLs to obtain access to other pages of the programme is one way to see if you can acquire access where it shouldn't be possible (without login). When utilizing several accounts, check to see if you may be logged in simultaneously in the same browser by using various accounts. Try editing and/or disabling cookies. Functionality: The login function can be tested with and without credentials. Try logging out if you haven't already done so. Ensure that the user is completely logging out. Lost password - Check to see if there is a lost password option available. Then again, if it's there, does it work correctly. Look for security issues and possible URL manipulation as well. Using the browser's Back and Forward buttons will let you know how well the application performs. Look for the option to "Remember me" if it is available. And if it's there, does it work as expected. Check what happens if the password is changed. The Login/Logout functionality should be tested in various browsers for all conceivable valid/invalid scenarios. Data - Validate the username and password entries (Is there a minimum or maximum length of characters, boundary-values, what are the allowed characters, etc.). What happens when there is an error? (for negative cases). Examine the login form with JavaScript disabled. 2FA If you're using two-factor authentication, check the login process. If you're not, check the lockout procedure and the recovery process. INDIVIDUAL TEST USERS Some issues were not repeatable during the early stages of our work. After clicking a button or link on the screen, an entirely another website may open, or an error may appear without any explanation. Investigating this was difficult due to its non-reproducible nature and the fact that it didn't happen all the time. It was only after some time that we figured out what was going on: user accounts. There were test users created at the outset of this project in every environment and since I was the only tester, I would have access to those accounts. It took a while, but we eventually determined that our configurators and developers should unit test their new features before releasing them for testing, to increase the quality throughout our entire development process. In making this decision, we didn't take into account which users would be used for these intakes. So they used the test user accounts, which is fine if no one else is using the account at the same time, but it becomes a problem if many users are using the account at the same time. Your test results are ruined because Salesforce becomes confused and messes up all of your data. Afterwards, everyone had to create their own test account. Save yourself a lot of time by eliminating false positives! Thanks for reading and happy testing!

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Change The Login Logo in WordPress Easily in Some Tips

Change The Login Logo in WordPress Easily in Some Tips

WordPress adds its own logo to the login page of new installs by default. This isn't a major concern if you're the only one that uses this portal. It makes sense to modify your WordPress login logo to your own branding if you share it with users, subscribers, or even simply team members. You can change the logo on your login page using a plugin or by modifying the code directly on your site. You can also build a new login URL to further modify this page and increase its security. We'll show you how to alter your WordPress login logo with and without a plugin, as well as how to build a custom login URL, in this post. Let's get this party started! WP Buffs' team assists website owners, agency partners, and freelancer partners in customizing their sites to match their specific requirements. We've got your back, whether you need us to handle one website or 1,000 client sites. Planning Your WordPress Login Symbol It's critical to have your new logo image file ready to go before beginning the process of modifying your WordPress login page. There are a variety of tools and services available to help you create one if you don't already have one, including: • Tailor Brands: An online application that allows you to create and customize a logo in minutes for free. • Fiverr: A freelancer marketplace where you may commission a logo design. • Renderforest: A tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to instantly produce a personalized logo for you. • Placeit: Envato's logo-creation tool, which provides templates that you can customize to fit your style and branding. These are all useful, low-cost resources that can help you create a simple logo. You may hire a branding specialist or a graphic designer for something more involved. Another alternative is to make one from scratch using a program like Canva: It comes with a free logo generator that requires little to no design knowledge. There are a plethora of color combinations to choose from, as well as user-friendly design tools and helpful information to assist you. How to Change the Login Logo in WordPress (With and Without a Plugin) You can begin altering your WordPress login logo after you have your image file ready. A few basic changes to your site's files will suffice. You can also utilize a plugin if you aren't comfortable modifying code. Either solution is as effective, thus it is a matter of personal preference. How to Use Code to Change Your WordPress Login Logo You can manually alter your WordPress login logo by tweaking a few lines of code if you're a seasoned WordPress user. Always backup your site before making any direct changes, and use a child theme to prevent your changes from being overwritten during updates. The first step is to add your logo image file to the directory of your WordPress theme. You can do this using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or the File Manager if your server supports cPanel. Look for your active theme in the wp-content > themes folder. Locate and open the images folder (or create one if one does not exist) within your theme's directory. Then, submit the following logo image file: Keep a record of the filename. Next, go to your active WordPress theme's functions.php file. Place the following lines of code at the end: ?> style type=”text/css”> function my login logo() .login h1 a,.login h1 a,.login h1 a,.login h1 a,.login h1 background-image: url(?php echo get stylesheet directory uri();?>/images/new-logo.png); height:65px; width:320px; background-size: 320px 65px; background-repeat: no-repeat; padding-bottom: 30px; padding-top: 30px; padding-bottom: 30px; padding-top: 30px; padding-bottom: 30px; padding?php add action( ‘login enqueue scripts', ‘my login logo' ); Replace the filename of your logo with ‘new-logo.png' in the code. To keep your changes current, save the file. Your personal logo should now appear above the username and password boxes on your login screen. It's important to note that your image should be 80px by 80px for optimum results. You can also use CSS to further customize the appearance of your logo. Using a Plugin, Change the WordPress Login Logo If you don't feel comfortable modifying your theme's files directly, you can use a plugin like Login Logo or Custom Login Page Customizer to replace your WordPress login logo. Using plugins to alter the WordPress login logo is the simplest option, especially if you don't want to meddle with the functions.php file. We'll utilize Custom Login Page Customizer for this tutorial. From your dashboard, go to LoginPress > Customizer after you've installed and activated it (Plugins > Add New). This will take you to the WordPress login page customizer, where you may preview and alter the login page's appearance on the right. If you've used the built-in WordPress Customizer before, the UI should be familiar: Click on Logo > Select image: to change the logo. You can upload a file from your computer or choose a picture from your Media Library. There are additional options to adjust the WordPress login logo size and spacing or disable it completely. Your modifications should take effect right away. How to Change the URL of Your WordPress Login Page in 2 Easy Steps You may also establish a custom login URL if you want to take your WordPress login page customization to the next level. This can also help to increase the security of your website. WordPress comes with two login URLs by default. https://yoursitename.com/wp-admin https://yoursitename.com/wp-login.php First Step: Install and Activate Your Plugin Create a custom WordPress login URL, you can usetheWPS Hide Login plugin. Second Step: Create Your New Login URL.

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