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POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings for Outlook.com - Outlook

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If you use Outlook.com to access an account that uses a domain other than @live.com, @hotmail.com, or @outlook.com, you might not be able to sync your accounts using IMAP. To resolve this, remove the connected IMAP account in Outlook.com and reconfigure it as a POP connection.
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Outlook - free personal email and calendar from Microsoft

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Get free Outlook email and calendar, plus Office Online apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Sign in to access your Outlook, Hotmail or Live email account.
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How to Set Up a POP3 or IMAP Account in Microsoft Outlook

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Enter your password and click "Sign in." A confirmation page will be displayed, asking you to confirm that you allow Microsoft Outlook to access your email.
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What are IMAP and POP? - Office Support

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To get to your webmail account, you access the Internet and sign in to your email account. If you have a PC or Mac, you've probably used a program like Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird to manage your email. Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird are email apps: programs that you install on your computer to manage your email. They interact with ...
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How to configure Outlook to use IMAP with an Outlook.com ...

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Detailed step-by-step instructions. Click on the File tab in the upper-left corner of the Outlook window.. Click Add Account.. Select Manual setup or additional server types. Click Next >.. Select POP or IMAP.Click Next >.. In the Add Account window:. Enter your name and email address. Account Type drop-down - select IMAP.; Set Incoming mail server to imap-mail.outlook.com
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POP, IMAP, and STMP settings - Office Support

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You'll need your email provider's incoming server settings (POP or IMAP) and outgoing server settings (SMTP). Here's a list of those settings for several email providers. If you don't see yours listed here, ask your email provider to give them to you.
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Outlook.com - Free personal email

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Outlook.com is a free personal email service from Microsoft that doesn't scan your email for the purpose of serving you ads. Automatically file emails and share photos easily.
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Outlook Android app cannot login IMAP email server ...

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The problem only happens with my ISP (comcast.net, IMAP). Till yesterday night, I can send/retrieve emails from the same server without an issue with Outlook app. First I noticed Outlook requested to re-enter email password. But it failed. So I deleted account, then added. Failed. I even removed Outlook app and re-installed it. Failed.
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Authentication fails when you use an IMAP server in ...

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Type a name for the profile, and then click OK. Select Manual setupor additional server types, and then click Next. Select POP or IMAP, and then click Next. Enter your name and email address, and then select POP3 for the Account Type.
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Set up an Outlook account in the iOS Mail app - Office Support

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You can also set up your email account manually or use IMAP/POP. Enter your email account password and tap Sign In. Note: The sign in screen may look different for you depending on your email provider. If multi-factor authentication is enabled, verify your identity.
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All of a sudden I can't log into the IMAP server using ...

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Outlook failed to connect to gmail starting 6/2/19. Tried all the usual fixes, eventually deleted the account, and now cannot set up replacement account because gmail SMTP won't let Outlook back in. The password is right, gmail works in a browser, Microsoft test mail gets through, but it just won't connect with Outlook.
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Microsoft account | Sign In or Create Your Account Today ...

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Just sign in and go. Access your favorite Microsoft products and services with just one login. From Office and Windows to Xbox and Skype, one username and password connects you to the files, photos, people, and content you care about most. Outlook. Email and calendar together. All you need to be your most productive and connected self—at home ...
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How To Set Up Gmail IMAP Settings In Outlook

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In Outlook, click on the File tab in the top-left corner. In Account Information, click on Account Settings, and then Server Settings. The IMAP Account Settings window will open, showing the Incoming mail settings. Check to make sure the settings match the following:
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How to Access Gmail with Outlook Using IMAP

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What To Know File > Add Account. Enter an address, and press Connect. Enter your password, and press Connect.
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How to Easily Setup a IMAP Email Account in Windows 10 Mail

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Gone are the days of Outlook Express on Windows. Thankfully, Microsoft has included a pretty good email client with Windows 10. By the end of this support article, you will know how to configure a new and additional IMAP Email Account in Windows 10.
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How to setup IMAP in Outlook 2010 - Ecenica

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Setup IMAP email in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Open Microsoft Office Outlook 2010. If you have just installed Outlook 2010 it will show in your Start Menu. Click Start Menu > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Outlook 2010. If this is the first time you have run Outlook 2010 then it will show you the Startup wizard. Click Next.
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Setting Up Outlook (IMAP) - mail.com help

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Setting Up Outlook (IMAP) Synchronize your mail.com mailbox with Outlook. Your e-mail will be sent to your application in regularly intervals using IMAP. How to add your e-mail account to Outlook 2016. Click File → Info → Add account. The Outlook wizard for setting up a new account will open. ...
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Sorry, we could not sign you in to Google - IMAP ...

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I toggled my "IMAP" setting in Gmail off and on, since somebody suggested that. I tried to use googlemail.com instead of gmail.com I tried to Repair the Account in Outlook I tried to allow Less Secure Apps in Google (but didn't wait 24 hours) I tried to create a new Outlook Profile. Adding Google email account automatically failed.
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How to Easily Add an IMAP Email Account to Outlook on Android

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How to add additional IMAP Email Accounts to Outlook on Android. Let's say it's been a few weeks since you started using Outlook on Android and you need to add a second email account to the App. This section of the guide will get you sorted! Step 1: Open the Outlook app and tap the icon in the circle located in the top left of the app.
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Authenticate an IMAP, POP or SMTP ... - docs.microsoft.com

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In this article. Learn how to use OAuth authentication to connect with IMAP, POP or SMTP protocols and access email data for Office 365 users. OAuth2 support for IMAP, POP, SMTP protocols as described below is supported for both Microsoft 365 (which includes Office on the web) and Outlook.com users.
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Tips For A Better Login Page And Process

Tips For A Better Login Page And Process

Login page plan could be a pivotal portion of your website’s UX travel. The great plan makes a difference drive guests to your site and changes over unused guests into leads. It moreover gives returning clients a straightforward way to log in to your site. You want it to be consistent, attractive, and simple to utilize. We need to assist. Let’s walk through the most excellent tips and best hones for making a great login page design—and gives you a bounty of illustrations of extraordinary ones to rouse you. Tips for login page design examples We’ve included both what you ought to and shouldn’t do when it comes to your symbol page plan. Not all tips and illustrations will apply to your site. The trap is to select what’s right for you. Make it obvious You don’t need to create your client chase around for the login area. The longer they have to be seen, the more baffled they’ll be. The more baffled they are, the less likely they’ll conclusion up logging in. An awesome example is Gmail’s login page. Gmail’s login page. Everything is front and center. You know precisely where you would like to log in and what to put into the areas, and in case you don’t have a Gmail account, it permits you to effortlessly make one right by clicking“Create an account.” Make your login range self-evident to create it as simple for your client as conceivable to log in. Use social login Social login is quickly getting to be the way clients log in to their web accounts. In truth, 88% of clients say that they have utilized social logins (Source) and 86% of clients say that they’ve been bothered by having to form modern accounts on websites (Source). And for great reason. Making different accounts for diverse websites is time-consuming and befuddling. It’s troublesome to keep in mind a bunch of diverse passwords and usernames. Social login cuts through all of that by permitting clients to make an account utilizing data from one of their social media accounts. Here’s an incredible illustration from Medium. The blogging stage permits clients to log in utilizing Twitter, Facebook, or Google. Medium’s login page.Some only offer one social platform, such as the tabletop RPG store DM’s Guild: DM’s Guild’s login page. There are indeed social media locales that permit you to utilize a social login: Pinterest’s login screen Social login makes a straightforward and instinctive login page plan for your client. Want more posts like this in your inbox? Sign up for our week after week digest. KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) Your login page ought to be straightforward and clear for your clients. For illustration, check out Instagram’s login page design: Instagram’s overhauled login page. Two input areas at the side the choice to log in with Facebook. It’s simple, effective, and gives an incredible experience for its users. So after you create your login page plan, be beyond any doubt that you just need to KISS: Keep it straightforward, stupid. Skip the username Spare your client the cerebral pain of having to come up with and keep in mind a username for your site. Instep, have them sign up utilizing their mail address or phone number. Does your client truly need to come up with a username? Or is it fair another chore for them on the travel to enlist and log in to your website? LinkedIn gives clients the opportunity to log in with either their phone number or e-mail address. LinkedIn’s login page. This is double-also awesome since clients might disregard which mail address they utilized to log in to your site. Grant them the alternative of utilizing their phone number and they’ll have a simple way to log in. Show them the password Giving your clients the alternative to see their secret word as they sort makes beyond any doubt they can effortlessly log in to your site on the primary try—instead of making a bunch of typo-ridden endeavors. WordPress permits clients to see their watchword as they sort it in. All clients ought to do is tap on the eye symbol within the secret word field and they’ll be able to see itWordPress login page. Sony moreover does the same with their Playstation Arrange login page design. Sony PlayStation Organize login page. Alternatively, you'll be able to incorporate a “Show Password” checkbox that fulfills the same goal. Source: FourthBottle Tip 9. Let users know their caps bolt is on We’ve all been there: Frustratingly writing and retyping your secret word to no profit, as it were to discover that you simply cleared out your caps bolt on the whole time. Avoid that circumstance from emerging by caution your client they have their caps bolt-on when they do. An incredible illustration of this comes from WordPress. A little ruddy caution image shows up when a user’s caps bolt is on. WordPress lets you know when your caps bolt is on whereas you’re attempting to log in. Log in without a password Grant your portable clients the opportunity to log in without having to keep in mind or input their password. For case, Charles Schwab Bank permits their clients to log in utilizing the unique mark scanner on their phone.

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Top Free HTML5 And CSS3 Login Forms 2021

Top Free HTML5 And CSS3 Login Forms 2021

A collection of free HTML5 and CSS3 login form templates that you can use on your website. Have you ever encountered a login form while leaving a comment on WordPress, signing up for an online forum, or utilizing your social network accounts? You must have come across such forms at some point in your life. And don't think of them as a pain in the neck. Rather, login forms are an excellent means of communication between an online platform and its users, and with the growing trend toward customer-centric company practices, keeping them up to date has never been more important. Any business must maintain communication with its target market. Login forms may be found all over the internet, from service-oriented businesses collecting leads through user login to forums and blogs requesting users to join their website via a member registration form. A login form, created with CSS3 and HTML5, is a requirement for any modern-day online enterprise. For non-techies who are wondering how CSS3 and HTML5 are related to a login form, HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language) is a standard markup language for creating web pages, and CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) is a CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) is a CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) is a CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) is a CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) A style sheet is a language that describes how a document created in a markup language should look and be formatted. Combining the two allows for the creation of distinctive and user-friendly login forms. A list of 50 CSS3 HTML5 login form templates with the newest UI/UX practices is provided below. These free login form templates may be quickly integrated into your blog or website to let you communicate with your audience like never before. Login Form Templates in HTML5 and CSS3 Animated background for the login form This is the choice for you if you require a simple login form with an animated background. This is a very basic signup form that can be used on any project to add a very basic but appealing form. Animated background with a moving effect is included with the form. The code is ready; all you have to do now is paste it into your login page. The form will include two easy signup and login choices. Use Facebook or Twitter to log in. As the name implies, this is a very basic signup option that will assist you in placing a signup form on your website and allowing your visitors to log in using their Facebook or Twitter accounts. The template is simple and elegant, giving your project a polished appearance. Creative Login Form Creative Login Form is a basic but elegant widget built using CSS3 and HTML5. This form can also be used to register for an event. It's simple to make and looks amazing in any app. Get The Template Dropdown Login Form This login form is in a drop-down arrangement, as the name suggests. When you select the ‘login' option, the form appears. The user-friendly layout of the Dropdown Login form allows you to place the form anywhere on your website. Get The Template Floating Sign up Form If you're thinking that this form keeps floating around, you're wrong! The Floating Sign-up Form is an excellent tool for building a signup form with tabs and floating form labels, and it has a stylish appearance. In the end, it was fantastic. design! Get The Template Simple Login Form The Simple Login Form, as its name suggests, is very basic in design. It was created to prevent users from accessing a certain WordPress site without first registering. Due to its clean and simple design, the tool grew in popularity over time. neat design. Get The Template Flat Login- Signup Form This template features a simple and stylish login form. Flat Login- Sign up Form has a unique feature in that when you click the ‘click me' button in the upper right corner, a smooth animation transforms it into a registration form. Get The Template Facebook Login We're quite sure we don't have to inform you about this one! This popular login form template is basic and easy to use, and it can be effortlessly imported into your website. By directly integrating your Facebook Login form to your users' Facebook profiles, you may make sign-up easier for them. We've also compiled a list of the best WordPress social login plugins. Get The Template Animated Login Form The Animated Login Form is an animation-style login form with a variety of animation styles to choose from. ‘Hey you, Login already,' says the top of the login form template, which eventually converts into a login form at the bottom. Get The Template Login Form Using CSS3 and HTML5 To help you design a basic login form, this login form template makes use of CSS3 and HTML5. It creates a multi-page impression by combining several useful elements. The validation and submission of the form become easier with HTML5 and the Login form using CSS3 and HTML5. Get The Template iPhone Login Form The iPhone Login Form is a unique method to present a login form on your iPhone. It has a simple and beautiful look to it. Using it with a mockup improves its functionality even further. Get The Template Login with Shake Effect The Login with Shake Effect is a one-of-a-kind and entertaining utility. This login form template, in addition to offering all of the essential functions of a login form, displays a wonderful shake effect on your device's screen when you input a wrong password to alert you. It's fantastic! Get the template Reference: Top Free Login Forms For Websites And Mobile Applications 2021 Top Beautiful Examples of Login Forms for Websites and Apps

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Best Web Apps Work Without Login

Best Web Apps Work Without Login

The Internet is one of my favorite things. I adore web applications. I like how easy it is to start something without having to install anything. When you go to Wikipedia, everything is right there for you; no more steps are required! As a result, I'm irritated when a service requires me to register before I can utilize it. However, not all web apps require it. You may perform basic web actions without registering, such as posting a photo on Imgur or shortening a link with it. You can even start a video conference without requiring anyone to register. So let's see what else the Internet has to offer without needing you to register or log in with social media accounts, which can be risky. Daily Todo A recurrent list of repetitious activities and a new "today's agenda" list are the two forms of daily to-do lists. For the former, Daily Todo is ideal. Go to the website and fill in the blanks with the various things you intend to complete each day. It will be turned into a list containing a full week's calendar for Daily Todo. You can add or remove items from the list at any moment. It also serves as a productivity app akin to Jerry Seinfeld's Don't Break The Chain. In fact, I'd recommend making it your default homepage or a useful new tab page. I'm looking for a resume. Not everyone is capable of crafting a professional-looking, well-formatted resume that includes all of the necessary details. I Need A Resume has simplified the process with a web tool that allows you to create a resume for free. Go to the website and fill out the appropriate information and save it tab by tab. The site will ask you to fill out a cover letter, personal information, a job summary, work experience, projects you've managed, education, and talents. Finally, you can alter the resume's appearance, which you can sample before obtaining a free PDF version. Hemingway App Professional writers aren't the only ones who need to write well. Communication is crucial in creating an impression, whether you're writing that major project plan or figuring out how to handle a problem over email. Although no one expects a non-writer to write like an author, the Hemingway App can help you sound like one! It's also a great approach to make your resume appear more professional. The program is based on the writing standards of author Ernest Hemingway. You may either write using it or simply copy and paste what you've written into the Hemingway App. It will analyze the content and make suggestions for improvements, such as reducing complicated phrases, deleting adverbs, and using more active verbs. etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., If you follow the advice, your rough content will sound like it was written by a professional! Simply copy and paste it where you want to save or send it. Shrib Notes on Mac OS X and Google Docs online allow you to start typing and have everything saved automatically. Shrib is a no-registration variant of that. Consider it the web's version of the always-saved notepad. Simply go to Shrib.com and begin typing; it will preserve your work. You may also go back in time and access prior versions of your notes. It even works if your Internet connection goes down, but you'll have to save it manually. It also includes Markdown support for speedier web writing. The Shrib FAQ answers all of your queries. Pixabay To download high-resolution copies, most of the greatest places to discover free photographs online need you to sign up. At Pixabay, there are no such bottlenecks. Simply use a Captcha code to confirm you're human, and you can download any stock image. However, a sign-in is required to view the full-resolution image. Pixabay is also unique in that it curates Creative Commons Zero photographs, which means you can use them commercially without attribution to the original uploader or Pixabay. That's a significant edge! VirusTotal How can you be sure that the photo you just downloaded or the link provided by a friend is safe? Before you regret getting malware on your computer, go to VirusTotal and scan it. VirusTotal is a free online virus screening application that analyses any URL or file (up to 128MB) by comparing it to numerous anti-virus protection organizations' known databases. After a few moments, you should see a green tick or a red cross, indicating whether it's safe or not. Timer on E.gg There are many various sorts of free timers available on the Internet, but none compare to Egg Timer in terms of simplicity. Go to the website, type in the number of seconds, minutes, or hours you want the timer to run, and then leave it alone. However, keep the tab open! There are also a few special, pre-programmed timers. A "morning" timer, for example, can help you get your blood circulating while also serving as a web-based Pomodoro timer with a default 25/5-minute cycle. And what an easy-to-remember web address: e.ggtimer.com Reddit University is a Reddit-based educational institution. If you think Reddit is just full of folks with too much free time who talk trash all day, you're only partly correct. Reddit has a lot of wonderful, valuable content, and you can truly use it to your advantage. The University of Reddit, a competitor to Coursera and Khan Academy, is a wonderful example. This site is a collection of online lessons created by Redditors in a variety of subjects such as art, science, philosophy, language, fun and games, and so on. It's a one-stop-shop for the best, most valuable content on Reddit, and it's all free. Other Content: Best Stranger Chat App without Login Top-rated Services for Students to Use Without Login

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Sign In to Windows 11 With Facial Recognition

Sign In to Windows 11 With Facial Recognition

Passwords are a thing of the past. You may log in using your face on select machines running Windows 11. You may have noticed this on your smartphone or on certain Windows 10 PCs. It's one of the quickest methods to log in to your smartphone safely. This is known as Windows Hello by Microsoft, and it may also be used to set up fingerprint readers. The key need is that your PC's camera, such as those equipped with Intel's RealSense 3D technology, enable Windows Hello facial recognition. The camera must be able to scan your face by measuring its depth and monitoring its position. You have two alternatives if you don't already have a suitable camera: 1. You may buy a camera that works with your desktop PC monitor. 2. You may get a laptop or an all-in-one computer with an integrated camera that meets your needs. 3. Intel has a RealSense overview website as well as a more comprehensive RealSense page, both of which can direct you to various RealSense 3D cameras. However, several other manufacturers, such as Logitech, provide Windows Hello-compatible cameras. Microsoft's Windows 11 Computers website has a list of compatible laptops and other computers with built-in Windows Hello cameras. 4. The best location to see if your existing camera is supported is the same area where you set up face recognition. Open Settings in Windows 11 and go to the Accounts section. Click the Sign-In Options setting on the Accounts page. Look for the Windows Hello Face option. "This option is presently unavailable," says a warning if your camera doesn't pass the test. "Sign in using your camera," the notification reads if your camera is compatible. If this is the case, click the message and then the Set Up button (Figure A). Figure A Click the Get Started button in the first Windows Hello window. Before you can set up any other kind of Windows Hello authentication, you must first enter your PIN. While your camera is being scanned, look at it and keep your face still (Figure B). Figure B If the scan is successful, the following page informs you that you're good to go and that you may unlock your smartphone with your face the next time. Close the window by clicking the button (Figure C). Figure C The camera's sensor should begin flashing while you're at the Lock Screen the next time you need to log in to Windows or unlock your PC. Simply look into the camera, and Windows should recognise you and sign you in using your face. Return to the Windows Hello Face option in Settings if the face recognition isn't working or if your facial look changes in any way (glasses, beard, etc.). Select the choice and then click the Improve Recognition button (Figure D). You should be good to go after clicking the Get Started button, entering your PIN, and allowing the camera to scan your face. Illustration D Hello PIN is a heritage feature that is accessible in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. This gearupwindows post will assist you in using a secure PIN (Personal Identification Number) instead of passwords to log into a Windows 11 system. If you don't want to use a password to log in to your computer, Windows 11 allows you to use a PIN instead. The PIN is a Microsoft-recommended technique for logging in to your Windows device that is both quick and safe. Other sign-in choices are enabled by the PIN, which is part of Windows Hello security. To login into Windows 11, you may use a photo password, PIN, fingerprint sensor, or even face recognition for your information alone. If this sign-in option does not enable you to sign in using a fingerprint (the most secure way to enter into Windows if your PC has a fingerprint sensor), you may use Hello PIN to safeguard login. The PIN is ineffective on other devices and only works on the one you established. If you use a Microsoft account to get onto a Windows 11 PC, your password can be stolen and used on any device with the same account. If you've created a PIN, though, it's unique to the device you've created. That implies you can't use a PIN to login in to another computer using the same account. Even though your computer or laptop is connected to the internet, this feature of Windows 11 allows you to keep your account safe. Microsoft has included face recognition setup into the out-of-the-box setup procedure in Windows 11. If you buy a new laptop with an infrared camera that supports Windows Hello face recognition, the first time you switch it on, you'll be prompted to set it up. However, if you missed the setup process, upgraded from a Windows 10 PC, or even purchased a fancy new external camera that supports Windows 11, you may wish to do it later. Here's how to enable face authentication in Windows 11: 1. Go to Settings and choose Accounts from the left-hand sidebar. 2. Select "Sign-in choices" from the drop-down menu. 3. Select "Facial recognition (Windows Hello)" from the drop-down menu and then "Set up." 4. A setup window for Windows Hello will open. To begin, select "Get started." If you've set up a PIN, you'll be prompted to enter it immediately. 5. Take a good look at the camera. It will be scanning your face. If you haven't already done so, Windows 11 will ask you to do so. You won't be able to do anything about it. 6. To complete the configuration, click "Close." You may select "Improve recognition" to perform the scan again for a different look (for example, with or without spectacles). Your computer will scan for your face the next time it goes to the lock screen, whether you locked it, it locked itself while sleeping, or you shut it off and turned it back on. The computer will unlock and take you to the Windows 11 desktop once it has been recognised.

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How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter

If your login credentials fall into the wrong hands, Twitter can be a strong soapbox for you, your brand, or your business – and an even more powerful weapon. While Twitter is unquestionably one of the finest social networking apps, you should protect your account by setting Twitter's two-factor authentication (2FA) options on both your best iPhone and best Mac and solve the Twitter-two factor authentication problem: Here's how to do it. There are a few ways accessible to you to keep your Twitter account from being hacked by entrepreneurial hoodlums or hackers. How to set up two-factor authentication Twitter App: How to enable 2FA for Twitter on iPhone and iPad via text message 1. From your Home screen, open the Twitter app. 2. On the upper left of your screen, tap the profile bubble. 3. Select Privacy and Settings from the drop-down menu. 4. Select Security and Account Access from the drop-down menu. 5. Select Security. 6. Select Two-factor authentication from the drop-down menu. 7. Toggle the Text Message On/Off switch on or off. 8. Select Get Started from the drop-down menu. 9. Type in your Twitter username and password. 10. Press the Verify button. 11. Press the Send Code button. 12. Enter the text message confirmation code that was sent to you. 13. Press the Next button. 14. Press the "I Got It" button. Remember to save the backup code somewhere safe in case you need it in the future. When you sign in to Twitter now, you'll need to input the confirmation code issued to you by text message. However, the procedure for setting them up for Twitter may differ. From your Home screen, open the Twitter app. 1. Go to the upper left corner of your screen and tap the profile bubble. 2. Select Privacy and Settings from the drop-down menu. 3. Select Security and Account Access from the drop-down menu. 4. Select Security. 5. Select Two-factor authentication from the drop-down menu. Toggle the On/Off switch for the Authentication app. 6. Press the Start button. 7. Verify your password by entering it. 8. Now, open the Link app. 9. To open your authentication app, tap Open. 10. Allow your authentication app to add a new token by tapping YES. 11. To return to the Twitter app, tap Twitter in the top left corner. 12. Enter your login app's confirmation code. 13. Press the Verify button. You'll have to provide the confirmation code from your authentication app every time you sign in to Twitter now. How to enable 2FA for Twitter on your computer through text message When you log in to your Twitter account via an app or a web browser, you can have a code sent to the phone number that you must enter before you can access your account. It's simple to set up: 1. If you haven't already, go to Twitter on your computer and log in. 2. In the upper right corner, next to Tweet, click the profile bubble. 3. Select More from the left-hand sidebar. 4. Select Privacy and Settings from the drop-down menu. 5. Select Security and Account Access from the drop-down menu. 6. Go to the Security tab. 7. Select Two-Factor Authentication twitter app button from the drop-down menu. 8. Select Text Message from the drop-down menu. 9. Select Get Started from the drop-down menu. 10. Type your password in the box. 11. Click the Verify button. 12. Enter the code and click Send. 13. Enter the SMS message's confirmation code. 14. Select Next. 15. Select I've Got It. Remember to save the backup code somewhere safe in case you need it in the future. You'll have to input the confirmation code issued to you through text message every time you sign in to Twitter now. How to enable 2FA for Twitter on your computer using an authentication program There are a variety of authentication apps available, and the method for configuring them for Twitter may change slightly. I've used the Google Authenticator app to demonstrate how it works in this case. 1. If you haven't already, go to Twitter on your computer and log in. 2. In the upper right corner, next to Tweet, click the profile bubble. 3. In the left-hand sidebar, click More. 4. Select Privacy and Settings from the drop-down menu. 5. Select Security and Account Access from the drop-down menu. 6. Go to the Security tab. 7. Select Two-Factor Authentication twitter app button from the drop-down menu. 8. Select Authentication app from the drop-down menu. 9. Press the Start button. 10. Type your password in the box. 11. Click the Verify button. 12. On your phone, open the authenticator app. 13. Use the computer screen to scan the barcode. 14. Select Next. 15. Enter your authenticator app's confirmation code. 16. Click the Verify button. 17. Select I've Got It. To complete the login procedure, you'll need to open your authenticator app and enter the confirmation code every time you log in to Twitter. On the iPhone and iPad, How to create a temporary Twitter password You'll be able to create a temporary password once you've enabled the two-factor authentication twitter app by text message or an authentication app. When you sign into third-party apps and services, or when you utilize a device that isn't your own, you can use it. 1. From your Home screen, open the Twitter app. 2. On the upper left of your screen, tap the profile bubble. 3. Select Privacy and Settings from the drop-down menu. 4. Select Security and Account Access from the drop-down menu. 5. Select Security. 6. Select Two-factor authentication from the drop-down menu. 7. Select Temporary Password from the drop-down menu. It can be found at the bottom of the menu. 8. Select Generate a new password from the drop-down menu. A new temporary password will be generated immediately, and you can now use it to log in to your Twitter account. After one hour, the password will expire. How to turn off two-factor authentication on Twitter Tap your profile symbol in the top menu, then Settings and privacy. After that, tap Account, then Security. Select Two-factor authentication from the drop-down menu. Toggle the checkbox next to the two-factor authentication method you want to disable. This article will learn that how to enable and turn off two-factor authentication on Twitter. Verify your twitter login How to verify your Twitter login are discussed below: Go to Settings and privacy > Your account > Account information on the web. Go to Request Verification after you've entered your password. Tap Settings & Privacy > Account > Verification request on Android and iOS.

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Are the pages you recommend for Outlook Imap Sign In​ safe for my account?

Besides the official login page, there will be many other pages that will also be provided such as login instructions, or pages providing notes during the login process. We aggregate them based on user trustworthiness for each site. We cannot give any guarantees because these sites don't belong to us.

Will you provide the official link for Outlook Imap Sign In​?

Yes. For most searches related to login, we also provide the official login link. They are often on the top of the result page. It is similar to the search "Outlook Imap Sign In​".

Besides the login link, what else will be given?

Login page is not the only thing we will give. There will be a lot of other relevant information that will also be provided such as login instructions, or pages providing notes during the login process.

What can I do if the login for Outlook Imap Sign In​ is not successful?

In case your login for Outlook Imap Sign In​ is unsuccessful, you should recheck out your provided personal information again or you can choose another recommendation for Outlook Imap Sign In​ at our site.