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Fraud Prevention Reminder: Old National will never call, text or email you asking for personal information such as Online Banking credentials (passwords, etc.), Social Security Number, debit card number or PIN.If you have reason to doubt the validity of a call, email or text from Old National, please call us directly at 1-800-731-2265. Your safety is our priority.
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Log in to my account - Old National Bank | Login

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Your account has been locked due to multiple invalid login attempts. To unlock your account, contact us at 800-731-2265.
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This system is the property of NNB and is limited to authorized users only. Any unauthorized user is prohibited. Use of the system is subject to monitoring.
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Log in Need Help? Download the Guardian User Guide Here. Username:: Forgot Username: Password:: Forgot Password
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Online Account Login | U.S. Bank

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Login to U.S. Bank Internet Banking for secure access to your accounts online. Learn from U.S. Bank today!
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KeyBank Online Banking Login
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U.S. Bank - Log In

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To learn more or open an account contact your U.S. Bank representative or call U.S. Bank Trust & Custody at 866-681-5052. User Name and Passwords If you are an existing customer and you are unable to log in or have lost your password, please contact the Resolution Center at 1-866-252-4360 24 hours a day, Monday - Friday.
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First Bankcard | Premier credit cards for your favorite ...

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We provide premier services to help you use and manage your credit card account. Log In to Your Account. User ID. Remember Me. Forgot ID/Password? Enroll. Log In. Services. Scroll Down. We stand with you during these challenging times. With COVID-19 impacting so many of our cardmembers, we want to make sure you have all the information you need.
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Sign in - Google Accounts
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Old National Bank | Make Your Auto Loan Payment Online ...

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Pay your Old National Bank bill online with doxo, Pay with a credit card, debit card, or direct from your bank account. doxo is the simple, protected way to pay your bills with a single account and accomplish your financial goals. Manage all your bills, get payment due date reminders and schedule automatic payments from a single app.
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Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company | Login

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Login. Hidden Label. I can't access my account. SCAN MEDIA DEVICES AND EMAIL ATTACHMENTS: To protect against malware and other threats, you should always scan discs, flash drives and email attachments before using or opening them - even when they come from trusted sources.
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Login | Charles Schwab

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Its banking subsidiary, Charles Schwab Bank (member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender), provides deposit and lending services and products. Access to Electronic Services may be limited or unavailable during periods of peak demand, market volatility, systems upgrade, maintenance, or for other reasons.
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NBAZ login is a secure and convenient way to manage your personal or business accounts online.
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Account Login. Gain access to all your Old Second accounts from here. Just click on the appropriate link to log in to any of our external sites.
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If you have a deposit or investment account, the contract governing personal deposit and investment accounts; Any other contract that might apply to our online services depending on your device. Licences to use the bank's or other providers' apps (for example, an application downloaded from Google Inc. or Apple Inc).
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Old Point National Bank | Personal Online Banking

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Online banking is the easiest way to access your Old Point National Bank accounts from anywhere. This easy, secure, 24/7 service allows you to: View account balances, Transfer funds, Request stop payments, Order checks and Pay bills
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Bank of America | Online Banking | Sign In | Online ID

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Saving your Online ID means you don't have to enter it every time you sign in. Don't save on a public computer . Only save your Online ID on your personal computer or mobile device. How to clear a saved Online ID . To clear a saved Online ID, sign in and select Saved Online IDs from Profile and Settings.
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Zions Bank | Personal Banking | Savings | Checking | Loans

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BANK WITH A HISTORY. Zions Bank isn't just a bank. We're part of your community, your next door neighbor, with more than 140 years of history behind every transaction and community investment. We offer access to ATMs throughout Utah, Idaho, and eight other states. We provide financial resources, wealth management solutions, mortgage services ...
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Fifth Third Banking Login | Fifth Third Bank

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Login to your Fifth Third Member Banking account to manage finances online. Visit this page to access your accounts with Fifth Third Bank.
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Personal Banking Solutions | National Bank

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Simplify your finances with our services including bank accounts, mortgages, credit cards, savings and insurance. Access accouts with 24/7 online banking.
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How to Create A Discord Account?

How to Create A Discord Account?

Discord has suddenly gained popularity. It is also a messaging app, but it has lots of new features. It was initially made for gamers around. Discord is a perfect place if you wish to communicate while gaming. It has various options where you can create servers and customize them. The admin has full control over the channels, and they can access different positions to various members.According to DoMyWriting, they can create various messaging groupsinside a single server and specify if which members have access to messages in those channels. There are voice channels also where you Can have meetings and video call conferences. Members can also live stream in there, and the viewers can switch between the multiple streams that are going on. Discord is a very widespread app, even for official team meetings. Discord is currently widely used at school levels or college levels club work. Lots of students must have an account there. Moreover, it is highly recommended to have a discord account to keep up with the changing trend. To start using discord, you will have to create and set up a discord account. Through this account, you can use discord in your preferred web browser and quickly find communities that interest you. Discord allows you to customize the whole thing and specify how to get notified about a specific community. You can also set up a reminder, schedule meetings, and stay tension-free as discord keeps you updated. Creating a discord account is very simple, and it has various benefits. Here we present to you a complete guide of how to create a discord account. Go to the website discordapp.com. Then you have to click on open discord in the browser. Then there will be a box that will ask for the username. Enter the username and click on the arrow to move to the next step. After this, you will get a captcha that has to be completed as directed. Then you have to proceed by clicking on get started. This will create a new server; however, if you can skip which will skip this part and directly complete the creation of your new discord account. The final step of completion of this process is to enter your email id as well as set a password. This step is to secure your account. Once done, click in claim the account, and congratulations, you have finally created your discord account. After the completion, a pop-up link will appear that will ask you to install the desktop version of discord. You can click on X if you want to skip the process. To finally access your account, you will have to go to the registered email id. There you will find a verification link. Click on that link to verify your email, and then you can freely access your discord account. Discord is all about connecting and talking to your friends. This is done by adding friends; that is, you can add other discord accounts to your account. On the home page, only you will get an option to add friends. In the prompt, you will have to add the friend you wish to add. Discord username is a name followed by # and some numbers. This is a unique identifier for each user. You can also directly add a friend by going to the required profile and add them. A request will be sent to your friend, and once they have successfully accepted your request, you guys will be friends. Discord servers are the basic building blocks of the discord communities. Once you have joined discord, it is vital to add communities that interest you. These might be gaming or professional servers. To add a server, you will have to click on the magnifying glasses that are on the top left. There, in the search bar, type the keywords of a server that might interest you. After finding the suitable server, click on join server. It is very easy to leave the server as well. Just right-click on the server icon, and they will give an option to leave the server. Click yes and confirm your decision in the prompt. You can customize the discord channels by right-clicking on the server icon. The mute option will stop the notifications that you receive from that server. However, you will get a notification if someone mentions you. You can also exclusively choose what types of messages you prefer to receive a notification about. Discord has gained lots of popularity which started through the gaming community only. Now, people use discord for a variety of reasons. They also have inbuilt bots and other features. discord is a very cool modern app, and it is very fun to use. You should definitely try it!

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Ways to Fix MacOS 10.15 Keeps Logging Out Issue

Ways to Fix MacOS 10.15 Keeps Logging Out Issue

Like most other Apple devices, it's not uncommon for the Mac to have issues after a significant update. MacOS 10.15 locking you out at inconvenient times is one of the most typical problems. This continual logging out might make it impossible to use your Mac, and it is a problem that is difficult to solve. Finding solutions and troubleshooting techniques that can gradually erode the problem until it is resolved is the key. If the Login of macOS fails due to a lack of disc space, restart your Mac and press Control + R while booting to enter Recovery mode. To boot properly, select 'Disk boot. Another possibility is that you do not have enough storage space on your PC. If you don't have adequate storage space on your Mac, a macOS download will usually fail. There are many Ways to Fix MacOS 10.15. Keeps Logging Out Issue. Ways to Fix MacOS 10.15 Keeps Logging Out: Most people try NVRAM resets, running the Mac in safe mode, or even deleting some preference files in an attempt to fix the problem. However, these solutions are ineffective since they are unrelated to the problem. It's possible that the macOS auto-logout functionality, which allows you to log out after an extended period of inactivity, is broken. Ways to Fix MacOS 10.15 Keeps Logging out Issue becomes simple once you understand the core cause. Listed below are a few of the more dependable options: Adjust the Automatic Log Out Settings: Adjust the auto settings that may be causing the problem by following these simple steps: Step 1: Go to your Mac's "System Preferences" and select "Security and Privacy." Step 2: Select "Log out after (n) minutes of inactivity" from the two options offered on the "Advanced" tab at the bottom. It should resolve the issue and prevent macOS 2o.15 from unexpectedly logging you out. If that doesn't work, try these Ways to Fix MacOS 10.15 Keeps Logging Out Issue Reference: How to Sign in to iCloud on Your iPhone, iPad and Mac Ways to Sign in to WeChat On A Pc or Mac Reinstall Corrupted Add-Ons: MacOS can also malfunction due to corrupted drivers and other add-ons, resulting in you being logged out repeatedly. The driver is likely causing the problem if you installed it right before it started. As a result, reinstalling the problematic driver is the best option. Carry out the same procedure with any additional add-ons you've lately installed on your device. Clear Cache: Corrupted files, like corrupted add-ons and drivers, can cause the problem. However, because it's not always easy to tell which files are damaged, the simplest approach to get rid of them is to clear your Mac's system cache. If you're having trouble, boot your Mac in Safe Mode (hold down Shift on the keyboard as it boots), Install MacOS 10.15 Again: If none of the following suggestions work, you may need to reinstall the macOS update. A little glitch with the update procedure might sometimes lead to problems later on. It and any other issue problems on your macOS system should resolve to reinstall the update. Furthermore, after downloading and installing macOS, many people have complained about the download ending at roughly 511.5MB and the machine displaying a "gateway timed out" or "bad gateway" error. How to Resolve Mac OS X logging Out Issues? If you're having trouble downloading macOS, first read our article on logging macOS, which will walk you through the steps you need to follow to resolve the new operating system properly. Step 1: If you have a compatible Mac and the macOS download completes but no prompt to continue the Login, look for a 'Login macOS 10.15' file in your Mac's program folder. The Login should begin when you double-click the file. Step 2: To double-check, go to the Apple menu and select 'About This Mac.' Select 'Storage,' then double-check that your hard disc has enough space. You must have at least 15GB of free space. Step 3: If you're running out of space, go to the Apple menu, select 'About this Mac,' then Storage > Manage to free up some space. Switching from a Wi-Fi connection to an Ethernet cable may also be beneficial in ensuring that your internet connection is as stable as possible. How can I Address the Issue Where MacOS 10.15 Constantly Logging Me Out? Most people describe the problem as being in the middle of using an application when it suddenly shuts down, and they are logged out unexpectedly. Aside from the basic inconvenience of losing your session abruptly, this problem might lead you to lose some of your unsaved work, and the issue may be rather disturbing when you come back in and are unexpectedly logged out again. Conclusion: If you're still having trouble downloading macOS, look on your hard disc for partially downloaded macOS 10.15 files. It is a file calling "macOS 10.15." Delete them. Then restart your Mac and try downloading macOS once more. If that doesn't work, go to the App Store and click on 'View My Account' to see if anything is in the 'Unfinished Downloads' section. From there, you might be able to restart the download. These all are Ways to Fix MacOS 10.15. Keeps Logging Out Issue.

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Best WooCommerce Login and Registration Plugins in 2021

Best WooCommerce Login and Registration Plugins in 2021

The plugins recorded here will include basic login shapes to your location that you simply can interface to from your menus. The shapes are customizable and lovely out-of-the-box. Even superior, you’ll discover plugins here that offer optimized watchword recuperation, social logins, and indeed log in through phone number. There are many plugins that let you stow away parts or all of WooCommerce behind a login so that as it were logged-in clients can get to the covered-up items. WooCommerce plugins for login & registration 1. YITH Easy Login & Registration Popup for WooCommerce 2. Saraggna 3. WooCommerce Private Store 4. WooCommerce Social Login Which login & signup plugin is best? Each one of the plugins underneath brings something interesting to the table. Make beyond any doubt to consider each one carefully to form the leading choice for your website. Here are my beat picks for the finest WooCommerce plugins for logins and registration. 1. YITH Simple Login & Enrollment Popup for WooCommerce Plugin Description This plugin is astutely planned and will make logging in and enlisting simple for your customers. You can include the login frame at checkout and/or include a login/signup menu thing to your location for guests to press. When they tap on the signup menu thing, a popup will inquire them for their e-mail address. You'll too empower Google and Facebook sign-in, which some customers will appreciate. The popup shape includes a decent plan, and all the colors are customizable, as is the measure of the popup. There’s too a password-recovery system included, which works superior to the default system used in WordPress. In conclusion, whereas you'll require individuals to enroll to checkout, you'll be able to to empower an alternative to let them bypass the login frame and total their buy as a guest. By and large, this can be a fabulous plugin and gives a comprehensive arrangement for taking care of logins and signups for an eCommerce site. 2. Saraggna Plugin Description The quality of this plugin is within the formats and customizability of the signup shapes. You'll be able to make for all intents and purposes any plan you'll envision with the 30+ pre-built formats and 10 styles. In expansion to the login frame, Saraggna can also create a coordinating layout interior the member’s dashboard posting all of their account pages. This is often a nice touch for making a steady fashion through the client experience. Saraggna moreover has Google reCAPTCHA bolster and importable demo information for you to urge begun with. You’ll too discover choices for the login divert, watchword quality marker, secret word, and affirmation field In case extraordinary plans and customizability are most vital to you, this will be a great plugin for your location. 3. WooCommerce Private Store Plugin Description The plugins highlighted over are all around letting individuals log into an open WooCommerce store. WooCommerce Private Store is distinctive since it stows away your entire store behind a login. As before long as you introduce WooCommerce Private Store, all your WooCommerce pages are covered up from open see. Guests can see your homepage, web journal, and other standard pages, but they won’t know merely have a web store unless you need them to. When somebody logs into their account, the hidden store will be gotten to be unmistakable to them to begin shopping. You'll be able to select which user parts can get to the private store. If you need to cover up certain item categories behind a login, you'll do this with Barn2’s other plugin – WooCommerce Ensured Categories. Both plugins work with the other WooCommerce login plugins highlighted in this article. That way, you'll make user-friendly login pages for your clients or permit them to utilize social login whereas covering up items from logged-out clients. 4. WooCommerce Social Login Plugin Description One way to boost deals and get more individuals enrolled in your location is to form social logins accessible. With social logins, unused guests can log in with an existing social account to naturally make an account on your website. They get to skip the complete username and watchword setup. The WooCommerce Social Login by SkyVerge plugin works with nine distinctive websites, counting Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, PayPal, Disqus, Yahoo, and VK. You don’t have to empower all of them, but with these numerous social systems bolstered, you likely won’t get to add another. When a part registers from a social account, you may see which social location they utilized from the Clients menu. They’ll still have a title and e-mail entered so you'll be able to remain in touch together with your normal emails. There’s moreover a chart accessible within the admin dashboard with a breakdown of which social locales individuals enlisted with, which is lovely cool.

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8 Of The Best Login Screen Examples

8 Of The Best Login Screen Examples

The design of the login page should be simple and intuitive, with no consideration from the user. Here are the top ideas to get you started on your next project. Following up on our post about great sign-up forms, we're taking a closer look at some inspiring login forms with great UX that make logging in easy. When it comes to designing a good login page, you want to make it as simple as possible. Access to your product or service should be as simple as possible for your users. When it comes to app design, the login screen can seem like an afterthought. After all, users only occasionally see the login screen and sign-up screen when registering. How much focus is needed for a single screen? The answer is a resounding yes. At least, give it that much thought. Just as you would for any other display. The login screen serves as the entry point for the mobile app. This is the first thing users see when downloading an app, and it is an important part of the user experience of the app. If the login screen is difficult to navigate and fill out, your users may get frustrated at the first hurdle. We've gathered some examples of great login/sign-up screens for you to take inspiration from and make sure you nail the login screen for your upcoming mobile UI project. Let’s go! 1. Sandeep WebExpert has created a login/signup screen kit for iOS and Android apps. Splashes of bright orange against a clean white background in this pair of bright, simple login/sign-up screens give the interface some character without being too distracting. The UI designer has cleverly made the logging-in process the star of the show while giving the user a preview of the app's UI. 2. ‘Lula Christman created the script 'App Login Screen. This modern, minimalist sign-up/login screen strikes a happy medium between being clear and straightforward while being fun and playful. Instead of the traditional rectangle button, the UI designer has presented options for signing up with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter below the input field. There is an option when signing up with a different service, The account is in the small, muted text at the bottom of the page, but it's still accessible. 3. ‘Alexandra Budina's sign-up screen for the banana lovers app This funny sign-up screen is full of personality. You can tell right away that using this app will be a fun, light-hearted experience thanks to the quirky illustrations and even more bizarre subtext. Alexandra didn't let the app's clean design hinder navigation; At the top and bottom of the screen, they are buttons on the left to return users. She has also included a yellow tick, which adds to the clarity. To show that a field has been filled incorrectly. >>>View here. 4. Remotion's login screen for a fintech app Who said that fintech apps have to be dull and seamless? Instead of using the traditional financial colors of blue and silver, the UI designer chose a hot pink/red accent to bring life to the otherwise white interface. Other than a background pattern and a few small icons, there's no frustrating content to bother or distract the user from completing the task at hand. 5. Sam's sign-in screen for various apps Here's a great example of how powerful illustration can be, even with something (apparently) as insignificant as the login screen. Custom images by UI designer Sam bring life to this set of login screens, while dark blue establishes hierarchy and instructs users to go back to their accounts. Gives an illustration of the car on the second screen The optical illusion that it is 'driving' along the top of the login screen, which makes the form even more enjoyable for the user 6. Acorns app login screen Investment firm Acorn's app demonstrates the importance of creating a password field that's easy to fill out. To put it another way, your password input bar should have a built-in option to show when you type a password. As Acorn has done, this can be done with an eyeball mark or the word "show". >>>View here. 7. Uplabs login screen Uplands presents its options for signing in with various social media accounts as round buttons at an angle, creating a playful line down a diagonally split-screen, opting for a slightly more complex interface. Instead of having two separate screens for login and sign up, Uplabs has both sets of input fields on a single screen, with new users having to fill out both sets of fields. Scroll down to go to the Signup option. >>>View here. 8. ‘Wwwater’ app sign up screens by LiliyaKizlaitis UI designer LiliyaKizlaitis has managed to make the login/signup process feel like you are walking through water on the login screen of her water delivery concept app. Blue text, adorned with blue shapes that resemble pools of water, is used to create contrast against the white background and increase the visibility of important text such as "forgot password". >>>View here.

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Forget Your Google Password - How Sign in With Your Phone

Forget Your Google Password - How Sign in With Your Phone

Gmail, being one of Google's first services, is a cornerstone of the company's online presence. So, when you forget your Gmail password, it's almost as if you're an Internet ghost roaming the halls of your previous existence, and I don't mean to exaggerate. Okay, it's not as horrible as it seems. However, you'll want to change your password as soon as possible to gain access to your account. The Standard Recovery Procedure for Gmail Enter the most recent password you can recall you can't remember the question, click "Try a different question." To receive a password reset email, enter the secondary email address you provided when you created your Gmail account. For validating your identity and recovering (or changing) your password, Gmail provides many ways. Fortunately, they're all laid out in a handy wizard that Gmail will lead you through step by step. Simply click the "forgot password" link on the Gmail sign-in page to begin the password recovery process. After that, you'll be shown a prompting you to enter the most recent password you can recall You'll be asked to continue in a variety of ways if you recall a correct password and have a backup system set up If you can't remember any of them, click "try a different question." Sending a code to a recovery email is the next option, which assumes that you have a backup e-mail recovery (which you set up way back when you created your Gmail account in the first place). This option will give you a link with a 6-digit number to your secondary email account (which does not have to be Gmail) that will allow you to reset your password and regain access to your account. On this, check your mail. to see the code, then input it to unlock a new password generator A phone number backup option may be available in newer accounts—see below. If it doesn't work (for example, you don't have access to the account you set up as a backup), click "attempt a different question" again. We're now moving on to less secure account protection tactics, such as security questions like "what is your mother's maiden name?" At least one of these should be easy for you to answer. Create a new password and confirm it at this stage. You can now access your account once more. Here's how to pick a new password that's both secure and easy to remember. Keeping Your Account Safe After you've created a new password, Google will invite you to review your Gmail account's security settings (and your greater Google account in general). If you don't already have a phone number and a current backup email associated with your account, we strongly advise you to do so. They'll make it simple to retrieve your password by sending you a 6-digit pin by email or text message. Though Gmail used to feature security questions, you can no longer add new ones; you can only remove access to old ones. This is a safeguard put in place since security questions aren't very good at really delivering security. Your previous one will continue to work. As long as you don't manually delete it from this page, it should function. Once you're in your Gmail account, go to the Google Account Settings page by clicking your profile image in the "My Account" in the upper-right corner (if you haven't set one yet, it's simply the initial letter of your first name). THE VERY BEST TECH NEWSLETTER AVAILABLE ANYWHERE Join the 425,000 people who have already signed up to receive a daily digest of features, stories, news, and trivia. address e-mail I'd want to join! You agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by submitting your email. HOW TO SEE WHAT OTHER DEVICES ARE LOGGED INTO YOUR G+ ACCOUNT Click "Signing in to Google" on this page. You may verify your recovery email and phone number here, as well as discover which devices and locations last accessed your account. If the latter appears to be out of whack, it's possible that someone is attempting to gain access to your account for illicit intentions. You might want to look at the other options on the sign-in page. Setting up two-factor authentication is highly recommended, and you can get an authentication prompt on your smartphone instead of entering in a password on the web if you use this Gmail account.

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