5 best compass apps for Android - Android Authority

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Compass apps haven't changed much over the last ten or so years. They use your device's accelerometer to detect direction. It would not be here if we couldn't get it to work right. Let's take a look at the best compass apps for Android! If you have GPS connectivity, though, we recommend a...
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Приложения в Google Play - Compass App: Smart Compass for...

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...App: Smart Compass for Android allows you to convert your phone/tablet into a handy digital compass using device sensors compass in accurate My Compass application location tracker tracks the location of my mobile device on the map where ever I go its keep on updating the locations...
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15 best compass apps for Android & iOS | Free apps for Android and...

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This compass app is for Android devices. Like the previous one, the app has a coordinate search. Speaking of other advantages, it is worth Compass 54 Lite is one more app for iOS. This one detects all the geographical features of your location. The app serves as just a compass that shows...
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The 20 Best Compass Apps for Android for Easy Navigation

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Like the other compass apps, this app also requires a magnetic sensor in the device. You will get all types of functions you need for navigation. Compass free is another popular compass app for your Android phone. This is a professional level compass app with eye-catching graphics.
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5 Best Compass Apps for Android Phones & Tablets - TechReen

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Home Apps Android Apps 5 Best Compass Apps for Android Phones & Tablets. 6. Smart Compass Pro. Many fake and less accurate compass exist on the Google Play Store. If you're going on a journey, or a hiking trip, or any fun adventure, going for these fake apps can be disastrous.
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10 Best Compass Apps for Android (Updated) 2021

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Compass Apps For Android: When we go somewhere and forget the path there and in these time we do have not a compass then we can download best Many compass apps work only in the US and some in Australia, Compass 360 Pro Works everywhere. This is the best thing about Compass 360...
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10 Best Compass Apps for Android [Free Offline Apps]

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Top 10 Compass Apps for Android. Hereby I have listed the best compass apps available in the Google Play Store. Smart Compass Pro. This app is a good compass app. It keeps the matter simple and to the point. In the beginning, you need to calibrate the app by moving the device around...
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The 7 Best Compass Apps of 2021

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A compass app can help you get to a safe place if your GPS stops working or simply learn which way is north. Find the best apps for Android and iPhone. There are many choices available; check out this collection to find a compass app for Android or iOS that meets your needs.
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The 4 Best Compass Apps For Android 2020

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Most compass apps are absolutely free, or cost very little. Compared to high end physical compasses that could cost comparatively more. Most compass apps come with free tutorials that can be accessed within the app. So there's that a huge advantage in the learning curve if you're a beginner.
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9 Best Compass Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones | TechWiser

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Another compass app for Android smartphone owners who love 3D effects. This compass will always stay parallel to the floor no matter in which direction you move your device. There are a number of themes to select from but my favorite is the black one on a white background.
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Compass App: Smart Compass for Android 1.0.12 (13)

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The description of Compass App: Smart Compass for Android App. allows you to convert your phone/tablet into a handy digital compass using device sensors compass in accurate compass My Compass application location tracker tracks the location of my mobile device on the map where ever...
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8 Best Compass App 2021 (iOS & Android) | Technical Explore

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Compass 55 app is the best compass or GPS combo for iOS. This app attempt to be a completely included navigational help comes total with compass, GPS in different organizations, separation and direction, navigation, waypoints, maps, courses, and even a speedometer.
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Free Compass App for Android

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Compass apps are those kinds of amazing applications which can help make your device into a compass and point out directions. They prove very useful on road trips when you are lost and wish to find out which direction you are headed to. They help establish a sense of orientation and are a must...
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30 Compass Apps for Android

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Android Compass Apps including Smart Compass, Compass, Metal Detector and more. We have carefully handpicked these compass programs so that you can download them safely. The top downloaded are Smart Compass, Compass, Metal Detector and below is a list with all compass apps.
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7 Best free Compass Apps for Android & iOS (Updated 2021)

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Compass 360 is the best compass app for Android users that can help you to determine the exact location of your device. One of the best features of this application is Magnetic and True North available, so you can use it as a detector research application to get information about magnetic fields.
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How to use your phone as a compass + the best Android compass app

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Compass functionality in phones and tablets is enabled by something a bit more sophisticated - a sensor called a magnetometer, which is used to But before you can use a compass app effectively, you have to calibrate your phone's magnetic sensor. Most apps will remind you to do it from the get...
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10 Best Free Compass Apps for Android and iPhone of 2020

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Here are the 10 best free compass apps for android that are suitable for traveling, hiking and other outdoor activities. Here, you see the best free compass apps for android that you can download in google play. We leave you only 10 among the crowd so that you do not have to waste time installing...
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The 10 best GPS compass app for android (FREE) - Dissection Table

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Download the best free compass GPS applications for Android phones. So if you ever need to have an orientation tool on your mobile totally free as is the compass you can use any of the related in this article. These applications offer the direction where the magnetic north is located...
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Top 5 Compass Apps for Android to Plan the Route

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Looking for compass apps for your android phone? Find a list of 5 handpicked apps to navigate like a megellan. And we let you in on the easiest and the quickest ways to do just that! Also Read - Best Navigation Apps for Android. We bring to you the 5 best compass apps that will make you the God...
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Compass APK for Android - Download | Explore Apps

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Compass latest version: Slick compass app for Android. If you're the adventuring type, it will probably make you pretty happy to have an app like Compass on your Android phone.
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Instructions on How to log in to the Zoom faster in 2021

Instructions on How to log in to the Zoom faster in 2021

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing instrument that allows you to have virtual one-in-one or group gatherings without any problem. With incredible sound, video, and coordinated effort, this distant specialized apparatus interfaces far-off colleagues with one another. Step by Step Instructions to Login Zoomfor Desktop: To begin with, Zoom, head to their site and snap on the "Join" button at the upper right corner of the screen. You have two choices with regard to making a Zoom account. Make another record utilizing your work email address. Sign in utilizing SSO (Single Sign-On) or your Google or Facebook account. If you are utilizing Zoom for work designs, it is ideal for joining utilizing your work email address. Zoom will currently send you an email with an affirmation connect. Snap-on that connects to go to Zoom's Sign-Up Assistant and sign in utilizing your accreditations. Download the work area application/Zoom customer from the Zoom site for simple access. Instructions to Login Zoom on Mobile: Download the Zoom iOS or Android application from the App Store/Play Store. Sign up or sign in to Zoom by adhering to the on-screen directions like the work area measure. Log in to your Zoom account. Hover your cursor over the "HOST A MEETING" button at the upper right corner of the screen, and select one of the accompanying alternatives: With Video On With Video Off Screen Share Only The site will divert you to the Zoom application and start a gathering. Here, you can alter meeting settings or duplicate the "Greeting URL" you ship off the participants. Joining a Zoom Meeting: Open the Zoom portable application and sign in to your record. Tap the orange "New Meeting" symbol that shows up on your screen. Edit meeting settings as per your inclinations (for example, turning the video off for members, utilizing a Personal Meeting ID, and so forth) Whenever you are done, tap the blue "Start A Meeting" button. Adding Participants After Login: Once the gathering begins, tap the "Member" symbol in the toolbar at the lower part of your screen to add and oversee members. In the Participants window that opens up, tap on the "Welcome" alternative at the base left. Zoom will presently give you a choice to share your gathering subtleties through an assortment of correspondence stages. These incorporate different contents, email, and informing applications on your cell phone. Instructions to Join a Zoom MeetingAfter Login: Here is a bit-by-bit manual for joining a Zoom meeting rapidly. Similar advances apply to both your work area and your telephone. On the off chance that you have a gathering join, click on it or glue it into your internet browser to join the gathering. Open the Zoom application and snap on the "Join" symbol. Paste the Meeting ID in the crate, add your showcase name for the gathering and snap on the "Join" button. Join meeting You are presently good to go to speak with your colleagues Step by Step Instructions to Schedule Meetings: With a bustling timetable, you can sign in without much stretch, disregard arrangements or forthcoming gatherings. Fortunately, Zoom allows you to plan gatherings ahead of time to stay away from this! You can plan a gathering by setting: Its data and time Meeting ID If it requires a secret word to join And that is just the beginning Here is a bit-by-bit manual for plan gatherings in Zoom without any problem. To plan a gathering, head to the Zoom application and snap on the blue "Timetable" button (which resembles a schedule symbol). Enter meeting subtleties in the Schedule Meeting spring-up window that shows up. You can set its date and time, protection, and access settings. Likewise, you can choose your favored schedule (between iCal, Google Calendar, or others) to plan the occasion in your schedule. Plan a Zoom Meeting When You Complete Login: Setting a secret gathering word can help keep away from Zoom bombing, which happens when somebody who has not been welcomed to the gathering joins and upsets it. Once you have changed inclinations, click on the "Timetable" button at the base right of the screen. Instructions to Use Zoom Meetings (Step-by-Step Guide) Zoom makes it very simple for anybody to set up and direct virtual gatherings — yet on the off chance that you have never utilized the instrument, this can, in any case, be interesting. Here is a bit-by-bit manual for utilizing Zoom Meetings in the correct way to take care of you. We will cover the means for both work area and portable stages on: Instructions to Get Started with Zoom Instructions to Set Up A Zoom Meeting Instructions to Join A Zoom Meeting Step by step instructions to Schedule Meetings Step by step instructions to Record Meetings See more:How to Sign In to Skype On Computers, Pcs, Phones, and The Web Fastest

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The Simplest Way to Log in And Use the WhatsApp Web

The Simplest Way to Log in And Use the WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web highlight is quick and simple to utilize. Here is a finished guide you can follow to sign in or out of WhatsApp. Aside from utilizing it for individual correspondence, you can utilize WhatsApp for your business differently. Huge associations have framed collaborative workgroups on WhatsApp to share texts for which an email is not required. Methods to Sign in: To sign in to WhatsApp-on-WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop, or Portal, you need to utilize your telephone to filter the QR code. Open WhatsApp on your telephone. Android:Tap More alternatives. iPhone:Go to WhatsApp Settings. Select the checkbox close to Keep me endorsed on the QR screen on your PC or Portal to remain signed in on this gadget. Utilize your telephone to check the QR code on your PC or Portal. Whenever provoked, tap or select Done. The verification is dealt with by your gadget's working framework utilizing the biometrics put away there. WhatsApp cannot get to the biometric data put away by your gadget's working framework. All You Require to Know: WhatsApp is not only for telephones. With WhatsApp Web, you can get to the famous visit courier on Mac, Windows, iPad, or Android tablets. The function of WhatsApp Web is most simple to install on any of these gadgets, and interestingly, you can use WhatsApp Web without a telephone. More or less, WhatsApp Web online is fundamentally a reflection of its versatile partner. WhatsApp internet expects you to possess your iPhone or Android phone near to your laptop to utilize. In this article, we will likewise advise you on the off chance you can utilize WhatsApp Web when your telephone is off or distant from the PC. We have covered a rundown of fundamental highlights that you need to know to dominate the WhatsApp Web. Continue to peruse as we disclose to you how to utilize WhatsApp Web and how it functions. WhatsApp Web: How to utilize? The way of using the WhatsApp Web is already referenced above, WhatsApp is like a mirror of WhatsApp that is found on mobiles. To start with, using WhatsApp Web, you have to follow these means: You can use it on your computer, just open the program and visit www.web.whatsapp.com, and hit enter. You will currently be approached to check the QR code that shows up on the screen. If you have an Android cell phone, open WhatsApp > tap the upward three-dabs symbol and select WhatsApp Web. Essentially, on the off chance that you have an iPhone, open WhatsApp > tap Settings > followed by tapping WhatsApp Web. The available function of filter the QR code that can connect to your PC screen. WhatsApp internet can presently be dynamic on your laptop framework. You’ll primarily begin talking together with your contacts by gap their visit strings. Additionally, you can likewise begin another talk by tapping on the new visit symbol. Note, for WhatsApp Web to function, your telephone on which your WhatsApp account is should be online with having a functioning web association. Methods to Download and Use with QR Code: On the offline mode that you lean to having WhatsApp as an application for your working area, as against your internet browser and stacking WhatsApp Web each time you have shut the program, follow these means: You search it on your PC, visit www.whatsapp.com/download, and hit enter. Under the process of Downloading WhatsApp for Windows PC or Mac, click the green Download button. Note that the site consequently distinguishes whether you are utilizing a Mac or a Windows PC, so you do not need to search for a specific adaptation for your framework. When your record is downloaded, introduce it to your framework and open it. You will presently see the natural QR code, actually like the one you see when you open WhatsApp Web on a program. Result in the QR code from your smartphone by functioning WhatsApp. On the off chance that you have an Android cell phone, open WhatsApp > tap the upward three-specks symbol and select WhatsApp Web. Like, on the offline mode that you have an iPhone, open WhatsApp > tap Settings > followed by tapping WhatsApp Web. Before filtering the code, ensure you check the Keep me endorsed in alternative right underneath the QR code. Accomplishes WhatsApp Web: The basic response to this is no. WhatsApp Web will not work on your PCs and tablets if the portable number with which it is matched up is killed. For WhatsApp Web to work, your telephone on which your WhatsApp account is dynamic should be turned on alongside having a functioning web association. Once you are connected with WhatsApp Web, it will never log out even after you have shut the program or regardless of whether you have killed your framework. It implies that each time when you visit the site web.whatsapp.com, your WhatsApp talks will open. Read more:Ways to Log In to Icloud On an Iphone with an Apple ID

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Everything You Should Know About  Social Login

Everything You Should Know About  Social Login

Social login is a fantastic concept that arose from the massive amount of Social Media accounts that exist nowadays. We cannot dispute that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and others play an important role in our lives. Furthermore, it certainly alters our way of life and provides a new virtual world in which individuals can learn and share information. People have the ability to create. By utilizing these web-based online tools, you can create new groups and communities. People have been using the Internet and our virtual world for a variety of purposes, both personal and organizational, such as education, business, sharing, curiosity, and so on. According to several credible research, consumers spend between five and six hours every day on social media networks. And because of the Internet's exceptional convenience, internet businesses are thriving nowadays. The issue is that before making any online purchases, clients must form accounts on that store; the online accounts will be linked to the physical accounts utilized for a variety of functions such as placing orders, tracking orders, and reviewing products However, making a new account is a difficult and time-consuming process, especially for people who are busy or do not use the internet frequently. As a result, social login will assist online business owners and customers in resolving this issue. You've come to the perfect site if you want to do online business. This post will teach you everything you need to know about social login, a must-have tool for growing your business. What is Social Login? The technique of leveraging Social Media profiles to register for an online store so that customers may make purchases and monitor their orders thereafter is known as social login or social sign-in. In other words, social login is a method that is primarily intended to assist consumers to utilise the Internet more quickly and conveniently. Instead of creating an account from the start, this procedure will simplify users' registration experiences. Users can access their accounts on both mobile and desktop platforms, with fewer registration requirements. This is also an appealing and beneficial feature for businesses to encourage visitors to stay longer on their websites and, as a result, to spend more money on their productsprovide some important information from social media accounts for additional client research. Social login is the concept of logging in with a social media account. The idea of social login How many steps are included in a simple social login procedure? Users must follow the three easy steps outlined below: Step 1: Customers can select their Social Media account via a mobile app or a desktop site. You may notice a notification appear up on your screen with a button or a form asking you to sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Step 2: The social network provider will receive your request at this point. As a user, you must Before you may log in to the site, you must accept the access rights. Step 3: The social provider will verify your identity before granting you access to the site. Customers and business owners frequently use social media accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Microsoft, Reddit, and Instagram. Benefits of Social Login Despite certain downsides of social login, this web-based online application provides us with numerous benefits that we cannot dispute, including: Simpler and faster registration procedure: Customers may complete their sign-in process with only a few clicks, which is considerably faster and easier for people who do not use the Internet frequently. As a result, they can concentrate on their work right awaybuy process without wasting time authenticating the account via SMS or email, as is required when creating a whole new account. Why is social login a helpful marketing tool? People may obviously utilize their Social Media accounts to remark on and review your stuff. If they enable those remarks to appear in their newsfeed, such as social login on Facebook, their friends will be notified. Your family members will be able to see your merchandise This product can bring value to your business and help you grow your consumer base quickly. Social login enhances the purchasing experiences of customers. In other words, they will find online shopping to be a soothing experience because they will not have to remember all of their login credentials. This will result in an increase in your business earnings. Customers are more comfortable with social login since they continue to utilize their social accounts to check in as they do on other sites. This tool may be handy if your brand is new or not well-known. A mobile platform that caters to customers: Users spend more than 90% of their time on mobile browsing for goods and making purchases, thus social login will help in this instance. The ease of use of this tool will boost creation rates and user loyalty. Social login can also be used to acquire useful data for additional customer research, allowing business owners to use it to improve user experience. Aside from the benefits described above, there are a few others that are absolutely important for eCommerce: Customers have a better experience on the website when they use social login, and they are less likely to abandon their shopping carts. This technology encourages customers to log in faster, increasing the average amount of time they spend on the site. There will be fewer login failures, which means that more customers will be able to purchase your stuff. More effective content and marketing efforts will be distributed, as well as Because of the data collected through the use of social login, more effective content and marketing campaigns will be provided and launched.

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Tips To Perfect Your Mobile App’s Login Screen

Tips To Perfect Your Mobile App’s Login Screen

We love it, we hate it, and we surely love to hate it when it comes to mobile app sign-up screens. If done well, it can be the catalyst for tremendous user retention. When done incorrectly, it can have the opposite impact. Nonetheless, the sign-up screen is designed incorrectly far more often than anyone would like to admit. But what exactly does 'having the sign-up screen done well' imply? How do we tame this ferocious beast? We tame it by adhering to UX best practices and use appropriate analysis and optimization tools. That way, you'll be able to mount this beast and ride it to the top of the app charts. The following are the best practices for a mobile app's login page (in no particular order): Registrations should be made easier. Allow external accounts to log in. Instead of usernames, use email addresses. Make password resetting easier. Users should remain logged in. By adhering to these best practices, you can begin creating an outstanding user experience right from the first screen, which will do wonders for user retention. Take a look at it! Simplify Sign-up Forms Nobody on the earth loves filling out forms, so why would anyone enjoy registering accounts for applications or online services? They don't, as a matter of fact. But they know it's vital, so they do it grudgingly. App developers demonstrate to their users that they understand what irritates them and value their time by making registration quick. Empathy! One one of the secrets to creating a fantastic UX So, in practice, what does ‘making registrations swift' imply? It entails contemplating which information is deemed necessary for the creation of an account and asking for only that - nothing else. That might be a username, a password, and an email address, depending on the sort of program. The user's phone number, gender, and age are probably not required unless the app contains age-sensitive content. Another thing to keep in mind is the account confirmation. It has become conventional for all the right (security) reasons, yet it is typically carried out incorrectly. Apps typically provide a confirmation email with a link that, when clicked, takes the user to the app's website. When the account is opened, it confirms the account. These emails are frequently late or lagging, end up in junk/spam inboxes, and contain broken links or links that must be copied and pasted into a browser to work. The first two issues are universal across platforms, while the third is most aggravating when attempting to register by smartphone. Professionals in mobile app development Sometimes forget that their platform is mobile and that they are not limited to email. Voice calls, SMS, Viber / WhatsApp / Messenger, or any other chat tool can all be utilized to accelerate and simplify the confirmation process. In some circumstances, it is feasible to request a phone number rather than an email address. Remember that most users despise filling out forms and registering accounts. Go the extra mile by designing a procedure that is quick and takes advantage of the platform's features. Users will undoubtedly appreciate it, especially as it forms part of their initial impression of your app. Allow Login Via External Account The registration procedure can be sped up even further by providing a quicker alternative – external accounts. By allowing users to register using their social network accounts, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, registration can be reduced to a two-click process. But tread lightly. There is a reason something is referred to as an 'alternative.' Some people, in fact, might prefer not to connect their social network accounts to various mobile services The most prevalent reason is that they are concerned about the app posting on their social media profiles without their permission. Make sure to explicitly communicate posting capabilities and to obtain permission before posting anything. Another concern is that different cohorts use different social media platforms. Snapchat is primarily used by teenagers and members of Generation Z. Instagrammers and Facebookers predominate among millennials. Twitter users have their own universe. As a result, it is critical to provide appropriate social login choices. Giving users options is a wise step – but offer them too many and they may get dissatisfied. overwhelmed. Given that registration must be completed quickly and that screen real estate is restricted, this becomes rather difficult. App developers must ensure that they are providing the appropriate social media alternatives for their target audience by precisely monitoring and optimizing the screen. We'll go over how to do it further down. Go for Email Instead of Usernames Aside from speed, convenience and security are crucial considerations when designing a strong log-in page. These are tough to accomplish since it is difficult to put the words "security" and "convenient" in the same sentence. One method for increasing security while keeping things convenient for users is to have them log in with email addresses rather than usernames. There are two big reasons for this: It's easier to remember.Enhanced security Security experts continue to advise, yet users continue to ignore the advice — do not reuse passwords for several accounts, and change them frequently. Researchers have proven that most users ignore these warnings since they are unable to remember so many passwords. Imagine if they also had to memorize usernames. It's simply inconvenient. However, if they could log in by email, particularly an email address that does not appear elsewhere in the account, it would be easier to remember while remaining safe to use. As a result, we advise app developers to always use email as a login method rather than a username.

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7 Do's and Don'ts of Good Passwords

7 Do's and Don'ts of Good Passwords

Passwords havea problem that almost everyone has to deal with. We require them for a variety of reasons, including credit card accounts, social media accounts, jobs, and a variety of other things. Despite how common they are and how crucial they are, many of us still struggle to create strong passwords. If you use the advice in this article, you'll be able to build strong passwords that will help you stay safe online. Note: In this article, the term "password" refers to both passwords and passphrases. Generally speaking, Passwords are easier to remember than passphrases because they are longer, more complicated, and more difficult to guess. It's a good idea to adopt excellent practices when creating passwords until more secure solutions become widely available. 1. Don't make short passwords. Many people believe that passwords should look like k5wT!1* an in order to be secure. So we try to keep them as brief as possible in the hopes of remembering six or eight characters. There are two issues with this approach. A random mess of characters is rarely easy to remember, and a short password just doesn't have enough characters to make it tough for a password cracking programme to figure out. The minimal password length advised to avoid password cracking programmes is 14 characters. What is the length of your passwords? 2. Don't keep your password anywhere where it can be easily guessed. If you've written down your passwords and kept them somewhere accessible to you, chances are strong that they'll be accessible to others as well. These (and many others) are easy to find: the sticky note under your mousepad or keyboard, the password file, the list in your desk drawer. If you can easily find your passwords, you can easily compromise whatever they're protecting. 3. Don't keep a password for an extended period of time. There is debate over how long you should wait before changing your password, and many websites have their own rules. However, all experts agree that if someone else knows your password and you don't want them to use it, you should change it. 4. Create a password that is difficult to guess. Because they are frequently used, certain passwords are extremely easy to guess (password, 123456, baseball). Others are simple to figure out because the characters are connected, follow patterns, or are single words from a dictionary (asdfgh, xoxoxoxo, initiative). Personal information is another easy category to guess because so much of it is readily available (your sister's name, your father's birthday, your phone number, etc.). Many people use variants of the same password across several sites, but this can be easy to guess as well, especially if the person attempting to log in is unfamiliar with the password; password01, password02, etc.) to figure it out. If your password is simple to guess, anything it protects is also simple to access. 5. Make passwords as simple as possible to remember. My e-mail password was R2D2-NotrecommendedforDagobah a few years ago. It's easier to recall than the 8-character example in number 1 (k5wT!1*a), despite the fact that it has 29 characters. It's also more difficult for a computer to break. Because my e-mail provider didn't allow spaces, I used it without them; but, if you can, do so; spaces count as special characters, and certain password cracking programmes still have issues with them. 6. Do use a password manager. A password manager is a programme (usually an app) that stores your passwords for various websites. As a result, you won't have to remember all of your passwords. Because you'll have to remember the password for the password manager, make sure it's both secure and easy to remember. Check out the EDUCAUSE library's resource or do a google search for "best password manager" and read reviews from a few different sources to locate a good password manager. 7. Use a unique password for each website. Because people have so many passwords to remember, one of the reasons they don't use unique passwords for each site is because they have so many to remember. You don't have to remember all of them if you use a password manager, so there's no justification for duplicating a password. You don't even have to make them easy to remember because you don't have to remember them. If you don't want to utilise a password manager, keep the remainder of the advice in this article in mind. Examples All of these suggestions are great, but how do you come up with a password in the first place? Three proposals are given below, along with examples. Adjusted quotations, song lyrics, and so on can be used. Is there a quote that sticks with you? A line from a song that sticks with you? Don't use it the way it is — it's easy to guess (they're often included in password dictionaries used by hackers), so alter it to something unique and long that you can remember. For example, "All this occurred, more or less" in Slaughterhouse Five can be rewritten as "Allqth1sqhappenedq,mehrqoderqwen1ger." This replaces I with "1" and converts the second half of the line to German by using the character "q" as a space. It's simple to remember or find. Give yourself a password suggestion (for example, "1. Slaughterhouse Five takes place there"). The real Slaughterhouse Five took place in Germany, which gives you an indication as to which language you used. In case you need to look up the line again, you've given the novel a name. It's the letter you used in place of spaces that caused the error. You've also added the number 1, which you substituted for "i." If you can, include spaces once more.

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