When using a Windows 10 computer with an administrator account, you'll enjoy several perks and save a lot of headaches that you'd otherwise have if you used a standard user account. In general, utilizing an admin account has the advantage of not having to deal with any admin prompts while installing or deleting software. As for how to log in as an administrator in Windows 10, that's a question.

In Windows 10, there are a number of ways to log in as an administrator, and they all work in the same way - they enable you to gain access to your computer as an admin. As a matter of fact, Just enable your computer's hidden administrator account and you'll be able to use it as an admin with all the privileges you need to accomplish things on your computer.

Method 1. Reset Local Admin Password on Windows 10 with Command Prompt

On your computer, the default administrator account is created when you install Windows 10. However, you may unhide it and use it just like any other account on your computer by unhiding it and enabling it. Users with ordinary user accounts and those with admin accounts have identical access rights, but only one has the ability to make changes to the system.

For Windows 10 to allow you to log in as an administrator, you must first enable the hidden admin account. How to do it is outlined below. if you're using Windows 10.

Right-click the This PC entry on your computer's desktop, and then select Manage. PC Management will be launched on your computer.

Users can be found on the left-hand sidebar of the utility once it has been opened (see step 2). The administrator is the name of the account you'll find in the right panel. Properties may be accessed by right-clicking on the account and selecting the appropriate option.

The Account is deactivated option will appear in the properties box when you click on the button to open the box. Uncheck the option, and the account will no longer be hidden. You're good to go. Thanks for reading. On your system, you've successfully enabled the built-in administrator account. When you log in to your system, you'll notice the account.

Method 2. Create a New Administrator Account

Alternatively, you can establish a new administrator account on your system and use that to log in as an administrator. As long as you select "administrator" as the account type, you'll have a completely new account created for you.

To create a new administrator account on your computer, simply follow the steps below.

Go to Accounts > Family & other users in the Settings app on your computer and click on it. To establish a new account, click on the Add someone else to this PC option.

Alternatively, you can select I do not have this person's sign-in information, followed by Input the login information for the new user.

According to the information you provide, we'll establish and configure a new account for you. Next, log out and re-login using the newly created account on that machine.

Method 3. Change Your User Account Type to Administrator

On your computer, if you do not want to establish a new account but would rather upgrade your current account to the admin level, simply follow the procedures below.

How to change your user account to admin should be explained in the following:

Activate the Control Panel utility on your computer, then select the Change account type option.

If the accounts list appears on your screen, click on the account you want to become an administrator.

To change your account type, click on the Change Account Type button and select Administrator as the new account type. To save the changes, click on the Change Account Type option.

There you have it. From now on, you should be able to log in with your usual username as an administrator.

Extra Tip: If You Lost Administrator Password in Windows 10?

If you ever forget your machine's admin password, you'll be unable to install or uninstall applications. Without the admin password, you would be unable to accomplish a number of other things.

Thanks to Windows Password Key, you can remove the admin account password on your computer. Password removal will allow you to log in to your account without entering any passwords.


If you want to learn how to log in as an administrator in Windows 10, the above guide will show you how to do it in different ways. It also explains what to do if you forget your machine's admin password.

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