The new UAN (Universal Account Number) has been introduced by EPF, and it's a 12 digit code that every employer must provide. The number remains the same throughout life for an employee whether they're working in 1 job or 100 different positions - so make sure you don't misplace this important data! If you've lost access to your login credentials because of forgotten passwords then here is how to restore them:

1) Head over to www.epfindiapps3com/passwords where we recommend resetting both email address as well as password options;

2) Download Choose File...fill out the form with details like username old.

Have you forgotten your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) password? Don't worry, we have a complete guide on how to change or reset your EPFO password. Forgot EPFO Password - Tip to Change/Reset EPF UAN Login Password is a blog post that talks about

1. How to Reset or Change EPF UAN login password

2. Complete Guide on Changing/Resetting your EPFO password - Step by Step Process.

1. EPF UAN Login Password Reset:

Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has launched an online facility to help its members change their EPF login passwords. This is a simple process that you can follow in order to reset/change the password for your UAN account, provided that you are registered with EPFO's portal or have applied for registration. How to Reset or Change EPF UAN Login Password? The following steps will guide you on how one should proceed:

• Step # 01 :

Visit the URL - "memberapps" and click on "Reset Password." You'll be taken to another page where it asks you to enter your 12-digit Universal Account Number (UAN). Entering this number will redirects users back after submitting a request.

• Step # 02 :

Enter your EPF UAN number and select a reason for applying to reset or change your password. You can choose from the drop-down menu, whether you have forgotten/lost your password, want a new one because of any valid reason or if you are not registered with Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). After entering this information click on "Submit" button. Once submitted successfully then members will be able to receive an OTP (One Time Password) on their mobile phone which they'll need in order to proceed further.

• Step # 03:

In case you haven't received OTP within five minutes after submission of the request, check your 'JUNK FOLDER'. If it's not in your 'Junk Folder', then you'll need to send a request again.

• Step # 04:

Once the OTP is received, enter it and click on "Change Password" button. This will generate an email informing that password has been changed successfully along with new UAN number (which must be noted). Now whenever user tries to log into their account they can use this new login ID & password instead of the old ones. Complete Guide on Changing/Resetting your EPFO password - Step by step Process is covered in blog post content below.

What is the purpose of changing or resetting my Employee PF Account Number (EPFO) password and how do I go about it in detail?

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefit contribution by the employee and employer. The form submitted to an employee at the time of joining or changing employment must have details about EPFO Account number which has been allotted to that particular member. In case you forget your Employee PF Login Password then it becomes difficult for you to generate claims from UAN portal as without having access login ID & password, one cannot proceed with their work.

Steps to Change/Reset EPF UAN Login Password

If you have forgotten your login credentials for Unified Portal, then there's a simple and easy way to get them back. All that is needed from the user in order to reset their password on this website or online service portal through an account recovery process which requires entering of certain personal information such as 12 digit Universal Account Number (UAN). The first step would be going onto http://unifiedportal-mem...

After clicking "Log In" select 'Forgot EPFO Password?' when prompted enter these details:

1) Enter Your Full Name

2 )Date Of Birth

Why should you change your employee provident fund account number (EPF) login password?

Changing/Resetting Employer Provident Funds Organization (EPFO) user id and passwords are beneficial in many ways: • It helps people who often forget passwords can easily reset them themselves using this service. • It is a safe and secure service that will not put any confidential data at risk like phone numbers, date of birth, etc.

• It provides a simple and quick solution for those who want to change their password frequently.

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